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Are we too smart for this universe?

Can you think of a better hypothetical universe where the natural laws would be more of a challenge?


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  • MR T

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    Nov 5 2013: Dude nobody even knows what the universe is
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      Nov 5 2013: Well, Elenora Smith did. Unfortunately she passed away many years ago before she decided to share her knowledge. :o)
    • Nov 6 2013: I used to know, but then I forgot. :(
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        Nov 6 2013: Have you been somehow related to Elenora or was it pure coincidental that both of you..., well, you know ... ?
        • Nov 6 2013: Yeah, that she passed away might be part of the reason why I forgot. She kept the memories fresh.
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        Nov 6 2013: My deepest condolences! :o)
    • Nov 6 2013: I dunno what it is but I know what size it is:
      "The universe is the same size as your imagination"- Keith W Henline
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        Nov 7 2013: Luckily the universe is completely independent from us.
        • Nov 7 2013: That's a jest right? I don't think you believe that, do you? In any case I believe we are all connected.
          "You are a child of the universe,
          no less than the trees and the stars;
          you have a right to be here.
          And whether or not it is clear to you,
          no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."- Max Ehrmann
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        Nov 7 2013: I am absolutely serious as connection is different from dependence. If the universe was dependent on us, which it isn't, it could not have hopped into existence before us, which it did. Organics is build out of inorganic matter and thats a vector you can not swop around, although some organic creations like to have it this way.
        • Nov 7 2013: I C You are talking about apples and I am talking about oranges.
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        Nov 7 2013: I don't know what you see, I can only take what you wrote and that is pretty anthropomorphic to me.
        • Nov 7 2013: You are asking the wrong guy, I do not know whether we were here before or after the universe, my guess is we have always existed in the form of a soul and that we will always exist in that form. That coming to earth was just another part of our evolution. I do not have that kind of data, do you? I, probably like you can only go by the information available to me and ask for more to be revealed.
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        Nov 7 2013: Because I do not have that kind of data I do no guessing. Let me know when you can prove the existence of your souls, then I will have a look at it. Up to then I take it as the wish for meaning and endurance.

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