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Are we too smart for this universe?

Can you think of a better hypothetical universe where the natural laws would be more of a challenge?


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    Nov 6 2013: Just vice versa: many of us are too naive. In fact our life is quite a challenge: it is an invisible game for our souls.
    Being naive makes us vulnerable 'dolls' in the hands of Satan...Imagine, in this game, we, at times, become victims of even religious servants - an obsessed priest (consider recent child sex abuse scandals publicised?! ) whereas they should serve to a human salvation. A human often end in tragedy, becuase they are blind " in spiritual terms" - the evil can posess a human as a vessel and we cannot see the soul and nature of "Hudas" among us... who can betray or destroy... Yet it is a will of God for us to be smarter than we are and see beyond frontier of human power to see... It is his will for us to understand to hear his voice... Actually, listening to voice and guidance of God has become a way of my life.... And I am winning in most "battles" due to an extraordinary gifts - hearing God's guidance... I wish you escape what I have escaped in my life... Well I will teach to understand universal language of God ... once my Prophetic film script is written - to guide to mastering a skill to win in spiritual warcraft. If you are curious on what I mean by "I wish you escape what I have escaped" start reading my blog (see my blog: www.new-millenium-secret-mission.blogspot.com) and see the "critical point" in the first post.

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