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Is having a social class inevitable?

Will the gap between rich and poor be omnipresent? Can it be abolished? If you propose socialism to get rid of the classes, are you very sure the gap will not come back? Should we then solve this problem or leave it be?


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  • Nov 10 2013: There always will be classes, based on any number of factors, talent, responsibility, education, knowledge, money, etc. Take an orchestra, the 1st seat is held by the best in that instrument. Hence, a class structure is created based on talent. It is changed when someone loses talent or someone with more talent joins the orchestra. With money, it can leave a person quite easily and some people feel they are better than others because they have money.

    You asked a 2nd question concerning the problem. 1st classes will always exist. The question is not that there are classes but whether people can move from one class to another, either up or down. If we limit it to money, the question then comes in does the society limit the ability of people to acquire money and move up in class.
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      Nov 16 2013: Very well stated Wayne!

      What would our society be without social classes? Can you imagine being on a sports team where the outcome always ended in a tie? In order for there to be a winner, there must also be a loser. I believe the engine that drives humans to succeed would only diminish if there wasn't a monetary or social benefit.

      I'm currently going back to college to earn my Bachelor's degree at the age of 48. My motivation is that it should not only help me sustain employment but should also provide an opportunity for advancement. It is unlikely that I would have gone back if not for the social and monetary benefit. For the most part, we can choose our path and standing in society through the choices we make. The decisions we make on our employment, education, and how we spend our money are all choices. If society had a flat social class, it would likely be at the expense of having the choice to live life as we desire.

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