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Is having a social class inevitable?

Will the gap between rich and poor be omnipresent? Can it be abolished? If you propose socialism to get rid of the classes, are you very sure the gap will not come back? Should we then solve this problem or leave it be?


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    Nov 16 2013: The only way to program a certain direction of development of civilization is to develop the appropriate sociology that as a result will produce the staff with appropriate mindset and governing skills.

    From that perspective, every particular sociological knowledge might serve solving one of two mutually exclusive problems:

    *Problem 1:* How a parasitic minority can effectively execute slave-ownership with respect to the rest of society, preferably with a minimum of force, on the basis of implementing the principle: slaves come into bondage themselves, they feed themselves, and they impel themselves to work; furthermore they believe they are free and they like it.

    *Problem 2:* -- eliminate organized parasitism of those or other minorities on the work and life of the majority, so that in the succession of generations all people will live freely, and the inclination towards parasitism, especially in its organized forms, will not reappear in new generations.

    Sociology that does not name things with their names is probably serving to the resolution of first one.

    As regards to the prospects of the humankind. This is not a matter of questions whether "we should solve" something or not, as if the human was here a host who decides and moves the process of natural evolution.
    I think that evolution is objective process and particularly I think that evolution of our planet from a planet of monkeys to a planet of people is inevitable. This is only the question of time. Nature is very wise and always finds the way.

    "And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners."
    Qur'an 3:50
    (with Allah can be meant the wisdom of nature)

    The currently prevailing doctrine in society contradicts to the conception of evolution of Life. And this is the main reason of the systemic crisis that has been established during 20th century (two world wars) -- this is the crisis of control, consequence of ignorance and blindness, prelude to the end of the wrong system.

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