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Is having a social class inevitable?

Will the gap between rich and poor be omnipresent? Can it be abolished? If you propose socialism to get rid of the classes, are you very sure the gap will not come back? Should we then solve this problem or leave it be?


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  • Nov 6 2013: Can you name a instance where socialism was actually practiced without classes? Even Buddha who did not believe in classes taught that he was different because he had attained nirvana. Seems like a contradiction in terms to me. Classes have benefits and the natural world is full of classes. I think it is more beneficial to strive towards a small and good community that works together and to the benefit of the whole community, starting with the family unit.
    • Nov 7 2013: so we'll just leave it be then?

      because having classes and being defined in one serve a self-interested purpose -- of only focusing on one's improvement and on his/her own strategies in climbing up the social ladder.

      is it even a problem in the first place, if i may ask?
      • Nov 7 2013: If it were a problem I don't think it would be so prevalent in nature, so I would guess no, it is only a problem if you think it so. "What you think you become"- Buddha
        • Nov 8 2013: but that gap is killing people. it strips the lower class from its right to live better lives. how can it not be a problem? how can it be simple mind-over-matter?
      • Nov 8 2013: Cheyenne everything is mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
        The older you get the more you will realize that what you think is much more important than what "they" think and when you die you will realize it was all that mattered.

        "Nothing exists outside the mind for it is the mind that makes it so"- Keith W Henline

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