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Is having a social class inevitable?

Will the gap between rich and poor be omnipresent? Can it be abolished? If you propose socialism to get rid of the classes, are you very sure the gap will not come back? Should we then solve this problem or leave it be?


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    Nov 5 2013: It is inevitable in socialist government it is not in a free market .
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      Nov 6 2013: '... it is not in a free market'

      I keep forgetting it, this was due to what natural law again?
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        Nov 6 2013: In a free market the big kahuna is constantly changing in a socialist state not so much.
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          Nov 6 2013: This reminds me on a beautiful joke and its true counterpart.

          First the joke:

          What happens when you introduce socialism into the Sahara desert?
          10 years nothing, then the sand runs scarce.

          Now the true counterpart:

          What happens when you swop the drinking water supply in the UK from government responsibility towards free market mechanisms?

          1 year nothing, then the water quality drops, the price ramps up and so the profits of a view and the infrastructure crumbles, because investments are either spared for profits or done elsewhere to gain even more market control, to finally run drinking water scares in the UK. In the UK! Where people get born with umbrellas in their hands... ;o)

          A tsunami made by good old iron Maggy, the darling of entrepreneurs wettest dreams.

          The communist water I once tested during cold war days wasn't good either, so somewhere in between both extremes seems to be the best compromise for reliable, affordable and high quality drinking water. Social market economy would be the solution to me, as it worked perfectly fine in many respects and this not only on water.
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        Nov 6 2013: Socialism creates beaucrats who's main asset is their self created beauracracy/social position. Or crony circle.

        The free market creates individuals who create friends based on exchange and merit.

        By definition the bureaucrat creates scarcity in his empire building efforts, the entrepreneur creates abundance in his effort to make a profit.

        Peter Diamandis talks about a water purifying machine the size of a small refer at a price affordable to all and going to other planets for needed minerals.

        The standard of living of the world has always been raised by technology and the entrepreneur who creates it, this will Always be the case.
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          Nov 7 2013: I agree Pat, nothing beats the simplicity of stereotypes and generalizations!

          It not only projects the sense for security within an evermore complex and threatening world, but also stabilizes the illusion of orientation and meaningful purpose within it.

          Grey-scales are confusing and its use overestimated anyway, which not only allows to question but literally asks to remove it.

          Two poles: black & white, good & bad, Bonnie & Clyde, Calvin & Hobbes will get the job done!

          The good old charm of simplicity, who could ever resist?

          But 'always', Pat, is a pretty long time for something that fragile than humankind, and you may have a look at this again.
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        Nov 7 2013: Yes the truth is always simple. The infinite complexity comes from those who have a problem facing reality. Listen to the Diamandis talks, here is someone to be emulated, has no trouble facing reality, not a sad sack, and not only is enthusiastic but actually does what he says. This planet can use as many Diamandis as it can get.
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          Nov 7 2013: Absolutely, Pat, THE truth arrives exactly at the lowest level of simplicity needed for a mind to receive it. This is what its charm is about and so its beauty.

          And as you said, this planet can not have enough of it and on any level, as this is what makes the standard of living of the world a reality in even the multitude of realities for a multitude of THE truths. Absolutely!

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