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Is imagination a more valuable asset than knowledge?

I think imagination a more valuable asset than knowledge.
Imagination has limitless value, while knowledge is limited


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  • Kepu Li

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    Nov 7 2013: I agree; however, to produce a result, only imagination is not enough. Admittedly, Imagination might be a more valuable asset for a person because it's a person's characteristic, while knowledge is something can be learned for other sources. However, knowledge is the foundation for a person to make his imagination become realistic, Imagination, itself, might be too ideal and fancy without the foundation of knowledge. And how to define valuable is also a issue. Is it something rare or something meaningful? Whichever meaning can cause different perspectives. So, for now, I think imagination and knowledge are linked together and are both valuable asset for a person.
    • Nov 7 2013: I am totally aprove with you. As i mentioned in my comment, both of them are important because there are interdependent. You pointed out if the imagination without the foundation of knowledge, it might be too fancy and ideal. That is so true! We can always make the knowledge become limitless vaule as a result of the awesome imagination!
      • Nov 7 2013: Yes, it is. But I'm still wondering what does he mean "valuable".
    • Nov 7 2013: You raise an excellent point. To succeed in modern day society, you need both working hand in hand.
    • Nov 7 2013: I strongly agree with you because knowledge is the basis to use our imagination as a practical tool to enhance our lives. Imagination becomes realistic and an important source to inspire us to acquire knowledge.

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