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Is there a reason why we have so many male protagonists in movies?

Human beings now live in a society where many women do things so called "Manly things". But I don't think I have seen many stories regarding a woman as a protagonist. Is there a reason for this happening? Like if StarWars changed Luke Skywalker to Lucia Skywalker and went through the same problems as Luke did would the story change? As a aspiring filmmaker/writer I think we can make great stories with woman as protagonists. Why is media so obsessed with men as heroes and woman as some kind of prize? (Not that I'm complaining... I'm a male too) Is it just the culture that we have? Or is there an actual problem with us? Any thoughts?


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  • Nov 7 2013: Are there really more? Or is that you don’t watch to kind of movies or read the kinds of books with female protagonists and you don’t relate to their struggles? This is certainly the case for me, based on your comments it is also the case for you. Don’t be afraid to put a female character into a “male” role. But realize that there are many types of conflicts in storytelling and that the genders don’t give these conflicts equal weight nor do these conflicts lend themselves equally to each type of storytelling.

    If anything I would suggest picking up a chick book and giving it a read and figure out what type of conflicts those characters are experiencing. Integrating and exploring more conflict types will make your story appeal to more people than will changing a male-centered conflict character into a girl.

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