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Is there a reason why we have so many male protagonists in movies?

Human beings now live in a society where many women do things so called "Manly things". But I don't think I have seen many stories regarding a woman as a protagonist. Is there a reason for this happening? Like if StarWars changed Luke Skywalker to Lucia Skywalker and went through the same problems as Luke did would the story change? As a aspiring filmmaker/writer I think we can make great stories with woman as protagonists. Why is media so obsessed with men as heroes and woman as some kind of prize? (Not that I'm complaining... I'm a male too) Is it just the culture that we have? Or is there an actual problem with us? Any thoughts?


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  • Doly Jo

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    Nov 5 2013: It's better for us women to be like that, because if women were protagonists, there would be less hot actors :)

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