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How can World populations eradicate dictatorships through organised group activities?

It seems that World populations have huge resources and only need the will to act effectively against dictatorships.


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    Nov 13 2013: As an idealistic-leaning American I used to think the answer to this is very easy. I have been living in Lebanon for 13 years and my view of this question has definitely changed over time as I've come to realize the complexity of how the society here functions and how people view their abilities and situations in which they can use their own agency to make to change.
    We don't live in an explicit dictatorship (it's more like a network of mini-dictatorships or mafia dons) but the ineffectual stalemate they have maintained for over 20 years now in which the dons get richer while the regular people just feed the coffers is rather oppressive in many ways. It's easy to view it as "regular people are giving the dons their power" by not organizing and refusing to participate in the patronage system. At the same time, that system is rightly viewed by many as a source of survival and advancement--not easy to reject it completely if you have no means to survive without it or even long enough to weather the time it takes for change to come.

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