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How can World populations eradicate dictatorships through organised group activities?

It seems that World populations have huge resources and only need the will to act effectively against dictatorships.


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    Nov 6 2013: I am a former barrister and a citizen of both NZ and Samoa. Samoa has become a puppet State with its leaders bowing to foreign powers and wealthy corporations.

    Samoa's PM has become a Dictator. Many of you will know that the Samoan government hires foreign consultants to adjust the Constitution to evade the rights and protections against unlimited power.

    The elite run a government agency called SIFA Samoa's tax haven. Strangely it pays no tax and renders no public accounts. Where the billions in profit go to only a few know.

    There has not been an accounting for government spending of tax money or aid money since 2005.

    Look at the Chief Auditor's report tabled 14 months ago released recently.

    The ordinary citizens are presented to the World as uneducated and suffering and worthy of aid. Aid which never reaches them.

    A theatre of poverty is presented to the World while the political elite wallow in aid and borrow money from the ADB and other unscrupulous lenders who know that the money is used by the corrupt but care not.

    How does one bring down a soft Dictator - a bully at home and a beggar on the International stage?

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