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How can World populations eradicate dictatorships through organised group activities?

It seems that World populations have huge resources and only need the will to act effectively against dictatorships.

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    Nov 6 2013: Perhaps it can only be done organically, ie: by growing a new way of doing things that makes the dictatorship-system redundant. That means from the bottom-up. People doing their own local currencies and exchange mechanisms is a start.
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    Nov 6 2013: Don't fight evil with evil.

    I think Gene Sharp has some extremely interesting thoughts about it ( He proposes 198 methods of non-violent action.

    My question is also this one: Isn't the power of the 'too big to fail' coorporations and the banks in the west a form of dictatorship? Isn't this 0.01% 'dictating' who is in charge in our 'governments', defining the laws and legislations only to serve their own self-interest? Isn't western media keeping us ignorant (providing 'opium for the masses')?

    To me both dictatorships. And to all forms of dictatorship, as a people, we should have the patience, the courage and the persistence to eventually transform the world for the better. Before Martin Luther King there were so many blacks americans who contributed to todays' (relative...) freedom for afro-americans. People who are forgotten and who did the small things that mattered in the end.

    I think Mr. Pasricha hits the nail on the head with saying removing a dictatorship without offering a better, more peacefull and well organized alternative (correct me if i'm wrong) will make things worse.
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    Nov 6 2013: Dictatorship is dependent on insuring that the level of ignorance within a population is high. This requires restrictive media so that there is less relative comparisons. Freedom is a relative concept and only when one knows of a better alternative is does the desire emerge. So any organized activity as we see in the rise of social media can start eroding the power of dictatorship. Eradication is an end achievement which comes much later as a result of a movement. An internal movement against dictatorship is a much lower cost, faster method to eradicate it compared to war or coup or invasion. Removing a dictatorship or a communist regime "before" creating a movement based on awareness of better options usually creates a worse chaos and exploitation if there is ignorance in the society about true freedom and an absence of institutions. Freedom or democracy have to be "protected@. They are not something that is to be granted or introduced by an election.
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    Nov 13 2013: As an idealistic-leaning American I used to think the answer to this is very easy. I have been living in Lebanon for 13 years and my view of this question has definitely changed over time as I've come to realize the complexity of how the society here functions and how people view their abilities and situations in which they can use their own agency to make to change.
    We don't live in an explicit dictatorship (it's more like a network of mini-dictatorships or mafia dons) but the ineffectual stalemate they have maintained for over 20 years now in which the dons get richer while the regular people just feed the coffers is rather oppressive in many ways. It's easy to view it as "regular people are giving the dons their power" by not organizing and refusing to participate in the patronage system. At the same time, that system is rightly viewed by many as a source of survival and advancement--not easy to reject it completely if you have no means to survive without it or even long enough to weather the time it takes for change to come.
  • Nov 9 2013: This is such a complex issue! I believe that dictatorships/ bullies/ arrogant (mainly) male attempts at dominance only succeed because of the weakness and acceptance of their victims/ supporters/ followers who are trying to get the best deal for their own self interest. Most of the 'actors' thus involved in permitting such governance are generally acting in their own self interest. Dominance usually starts from protection of a vested interest. It is easy to see that democracy,properly organized, avoids such dominance in many cases, but not all. Use of pressure from the masses through modern communication systems will surely reduce problems.
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    Nov 7 2013: People always want others to sort out unjust government. I know that I kept hoping that someone else would come along and they would have all of the talents as well as the character to set aside Samoa's Dictatorship. One day I realised nobody was coming to the rescue. Change begins with an individual who cares. Waiting for the appearance of Jesus is a cunning invitation to apathy.
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    Nov 6 2013: I am a former barrister and a citizen of both NZ and Samoa. Samoa has become a puppet State with its leaders bowing to foreign powers and wealthy corporations.

    Samoa's PM has become a Dictator. Many of you will know that the Samoan government hires foreign consultants to adjust the Constitution to evade the rights and protections against unlimited power.

    The elite run a government agency called SIFA Samoa's tax haven. Strangely it pays no tax and renders no public accounts. Where the billions in profit go to only a few know.

    There has not been an accounting for government spending of tax money or aid money since 2005.

    Look at the Chief Auditor's report tabled 14 months ago released recently.

    The ordinary citizens are presented to the World as uneducated and suffering and worthy of aid. Aid which never reaches them.

    A theatre of poverty is presented to the World while the political elite wallow in aid and borrow money from the ADB and other unscrupulous lenders who know that the money is used by the corrupt but care not.

    How does one bring down a soft Dictator - a bully at home and a beggar on the International stage?
  • Nov 6 2013: The basic general semantics questions:

    All dictatorships?
    Which dictatorships etc.

    I always thought the Pashas and Ataturk were positive.
  • Nov 5 2013: Is your assertion that all dictatorship's have a negative effect on the population that they are governing?