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Marketing executive consultant, Cisco

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Empower consumers to co-create the advertising content they are exposed to. No more ad noise in our lives. Simply sustainable value added.

For decades we have been inundated by mass marketing content that creates much more annoying noises in our lives than value.

What happens when consumers in the uprising of the mobile Internet era turn traditional marketing around by crowd-sourcing advertising content creation and aggregating consumer demand in near real time?

What would the implications be on our economy?
Would brands discover high-value marketing insight to create growth without pushing unwanted noise in consumers' lives?
What would be the implications of this new form of digital collaboration among consumers and brands on our environment?
Could it lead to a greater societal wealth?


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  • Nov 9 2013: That's kind and healthy,nice idea.But I don't count on too much about no annoying noises advertisement environment.as long as there is advertisement we want to have,not everyone feels comfortable to accept them all.So I meant when our products don't need any advertisement anymore,annoying noises of advertisement disappears automatically:)
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      Nov 11 2013: That's an interesting point. When there is a new product or service of interest to us, wouldn't we want to become aware of it?

      As long as what the product or service does is in resonance with something we need or want, would we still perceive the advertising content as noise?

      Are there new collaborative interactions, among consumers and brands, to communicate in much more mutually beneficial ways?

      Ways where consumers are exposed to products and services they really need or want, and at the same time, ways that avoid the huge waste in marketing spend for brands who are still using poorly targeting media.

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