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Empower consumers to co-create the advertising content they are exposed to. No more ad noise in our lives. Simply sustainable value added.

For decades we have been inundated by mass marketing content that creates much more annoying noises in our lives than value.

What happens when consumers in the uprising of the mobile Internet era turn traditional marketing around by crowd-sourcing advertising content creation and aggregating consumer demand in near real time?

What would the implications be on our economy?
Would brands discover high-value marketing insight to create growth without pushing unwanted noise in consumers' lives?
What would be the implications of this new form of digital collaboration among consumers and brands on our environment?
Could it lead to a greater societal wealth?


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    Nov 11 2013: How could any product advertising add sustainable value to consumers? This idea is contradictory in itself, as the informational content transferred is neither meant nor expected to deliver much if any useful information about products and services.

    On this topic I actually love to have my add-blockers and pop-up killers installed to be as noiseless as possible on my way through the Internet and to cut off all the 'buy me, buy me, buy me' pseudo-values as I go. This is true value to me as a consumer and when I am going to 'consume' something, any manufacturer is actually the last I would consider to ask about the advantages of their products. How could they not manipulate me in their favor?

    And if your idea contains also consumer co-created and shared advertising ban-lists to upgrade each others first line of add-block defense, I would go for this shared value as well and participate right away.
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      Nov 11 2013: Hi Lejan,

      What if us, consumers, could turn around the way we are being advertised.

      As opposed to manufacturers pushing to us their "manipulated message", as you put it in your great comment, what if we were the ones to express what we are looking for, and team up with other consumers interested in the same product or services?
      Do you think the power of us, consumers, could be strong enough to get manufacturers of products or providers of services to deliver what we want and nothing else - no more noise?

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