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Empower consumers to co-create the advertising content they are exposed to. No more ad noise in our lives. Simply sustainable value added.

For decades we have been inundated by mass marketing content that creates much more annoying noises in our lives than value.

What happens when consumers in the uprising of the mobile Internet era turn traditional marketing around by crowd-sourcing advertising content creation and aggregating consumer demand in near real time?

What would the implications be on our economy?
Would brands discover high-value marketing insight to create growth without pushing unwanted noise in consumers' lives?
What would be the implications of this new form of digital collaboration among consumers and brands on our environment?
Could it lead to a greater societal wealth?


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    Nov 5 2013: I love the idea! Companies like Trustee are trying to do that in a way. What's your take on their offering?
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      Nov 5 2013: Hi Sophie-Charlotte,

      Thank you for being the first to join this conversation.

      Truste seems to have an interesting offering. Specifically, I see they have an ad service that relates more closely to the idea we are discussing here when compared to their other services.

      The way they market this service is "better behavorial targeting" and therefore results. This is not something radically changing the way consumers and brands interact to uncover new, sustainable value.

      For years, marketers have used behavioral targeting by inferring which future behaviors consumers may have based on past behaviors. The issue here, in my marketing experience, is still the inference.

      Regardless of how sophisticated the set of behavioral data may be and how sharp the marketing targeting decisions may be, the mere fact of relying on the past to predict the future introduces a big value gap when compared to real time consumer desire.

      There are quite a few behavioral targeting offerings out there, retargeting being one that has seen some momentum lately. They all have their relative effectiveness in terms of meeting the brands' marketing objectives. Nonetheless, at least for what I have seen in various industries, the result metrics could be much improved and so are the related marketing budgets, and to another extent, the impact on our environment.

      Exploring how we could unleash consumers' real time consumption desire to better illuminate down funnel decision making dynamics could result in much stronger marketing returns on investment.

      All in all, building consumer trust and moving towards greater privacy considerations is clearly the way to go. But I believe both consumers and brands could mutually benefit from new forms of real time digital co-creation.

      Could we find other nascent startups venturing in that promising space?

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