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Why are there no TED talks on American Sign Language (ASL), or any signed language, for that matter?

To further explain, there has been a lot of recent study of language in general based on signed languages and the cultures that arise based on that language. As a recent student of ASL, I do not claim to be an expert, but I feel this is a large and important population that is going unrecognized by the TED community.

There are also no talks translated into any of the world's many signed languages, which I feel does these members of the human race a disservice and wrongly removes them from the conversation. Just having subtitles is not enough, because often there is far too much of a lag, or the fact that ASL is not just a manually coded form of English. It is its own language, with its own complex grammatical structures and values attributed to different words that do not directly translate.

Are there any researchers out there willing to speak on how signed languages have taught us about spoken languages as well as cultures? Are there any Deaf people willing to give a presentation on how their world view could be useful in the coming decades? Is the perspective of the Deaf Community different and enlightening to the present issues of climate change and social issues? I do not know the answers to these questions, but I think it is worth asking more so because of this.

Thank you.