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Which is more important, right to know or state secrets?

Nowadays, we have a stronger right consciousness and pay more attention to the politics and other state's affairs.Right to know is extremly important in our political life as we want to know what the government actually does and whether they could benefit us or not.Now, it comes to the question.If there is something related to the national security, is it appropriate for people have the access to know some details about it?If the anwser is yes, how to keep the country in safe and if no, how to guarantee people's right to know if the government declares that some fundermental affairs are top sercret, which actually keeps citizens out of the political life.Look forward to your opinions!


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    Nov 5 2013: Much of your question is dependent upon the type of government that is in place in your country. In communist / socialist countries much of the media is controlled so it is not as much a choice as it is what you will be exposed to. In these societies it is important that you be indoctrinated into a certain thought process. In todays world this is harder to enforce because of cell phones and computers.

    In democratic governments there is some degree of the freedom of speech / press. We have the expectation of a transparent government. We hold our leadership to higher standards. We have recently found out that there is much being withheld and deliberate lies and misdirection by the leadership and the media. They have lied to the world and to the US citizens in no small measure.

    Now to the heart of the issue. The majority of both societies are satisfied with the status quo. Everyday we find out something else that went really wrong / lies, unethical, and irresponsible political actions both foreign and domestic. Yet the favorable rating is still at about 50%. It was known in 2010 that 75% of all people would lose their insurance under Obamacare yet even today they are saying no problem you can keep your coverage as millions are being cancelled. 23 new taxes are included in Obamacare yet we are ensured it ain't so. NSA is only looking out for our interests ... we have no foreign policy or diplomacy ... even our close allies are leaving our side ... we are 17 trillion in debit with no plans to balance the budget .... yet the approval rating is still near 50%.

    So what does this prove. The leaders of nations really do not care what we think or want. They think we are all stupid and we go out of our way to prove them right. Just as we get really worked up over drones, spying, lying, Bengasi, diplomatic stupidities, and a economy in the crapper, we are redirected to another issue and all else is forgotten.

    ANSWER: Apathy wins.

    Be well Bob.
    • Nov 5 2013: I once heard a joke about countries that control much of their media...
      The intelligent ones let their citizens believe that they have freedoms of speech/press and transparency when in fact much control exists... as the saying goes the worst blindness involves the one who refuses to see and the worst enslavement involves the ones who believe to be free while choosing to remain enslaved...
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        Nov 5 2013: We in the USA are arriving here quickly. Thanks for the reply.. Bob.
        • Nov 5 2013: Well considering the joke I heard a while back implied being there for quite some time without most realizing it was what kept individuals working towards 'their' goals ... I would say been there, done that now its time to actually do what ought to be done as it ought to be done... :-) lets get something better once and for all ...
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        Nov 5 2013: Esteban, Not knowing where you are from is a real handicap in responding. You imply that there is something better .... better than what you have (where ever that is) or better than what I have (USA) the answer is most likely both.

        What would you suggest as the "better" ... is it a form of government .... or those holding office and keep the form of government ...

        To talk apples to apples ... where are you?????

        Thanks. Bob.
        • Nov 5 2013: Bob,

          Note that not knowing where someone is from keeps us focused on the topic at hand, what does it matter if the truth is said by a child or a grownup here or there when each seeks to cultivate the truth? Yes I implied that there is something better... I think logically that be the case besides based on observing what we have here there must evidently be better alternatives :-); what I am also alluring to is that its not what I, you or others consider to be better, it is what actually happens to be better, that ought to be done. I am using 'what be better' as a definitive constitutive condition that sort of transcends competing comparative dualistic comparisons and individualistic stances. It would be similar to stating that whomever is right is right and whomever is wrong is wrong kind of thing without getting into the details of who happens to be right.

          My suggestion is that each do what they ought to do based on what ought to be done. Which begs the question "what ought to be done"? I realize that responding: well evidently 'what ought to be done based on what ought to be done' provides an rather cryptic answer similar to: those who know, know and know it while those who don't know, don't know and don't know it. Still I believe that in sustaining the dialogue each can discover the truth of what ought to be done. I think that what ought to be done involves sustainable desirable congruent with life practices. The truth passes this while lies do not. Being reserved and prudent depending on the circumstances may pass or not.

          Sometimes to talk to apples and avocados one has to just talk to the fruits that include them both and others, especially when needing do deal with parasitic insects that feed upon such fruits trees!

          Live in Northamerica...
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        Nov 6 2013: Esteban, I am sincere when I say to you that there are many decafs that taste as good as regular coffee ......

        • Nov 6 2013: I am sure some who drink the decaf thinking its regular will even get their caffeine palliative and taste it just as if it where regular coffee ... all under the influence of their central nervous system... I think its even possible that they will have the physical reactions as if they got the stimulant itself...

          Just thought about how 'secrets' may relate to 'keep the vision going, till you make it' and how that relates to keep the farce going as long as possible

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