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Which is more important, right to know or state secrets?

Nowadays, we have a stronger right consciousness and pay more attention to the politics and other state's affairs.Right to know is extremly important in our political life as we want to know what the government actually does and whether they could benefit us or not.Now, it comes to the question.If there is something related to the national security, is it appropriate for people have the access to know some details about it?If the anwser is yes, how to keep the country in safe and if no, how to guarantee people's right to know if the government declares that some fundermental affairs are top sercret, which actually keeps citizens out of the political life.Look forward to your opinions!


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    Nov 4 2013: Those who decide to give up freedom for security, deserve to have neither.
    • Nov 18 2013: So you're saying there should be no laws? This seems silly, we have to sacrifice some freedom, or there will be literal anarchy.

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