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Listen.......what do you hear?

Our sense of hearing is truly a marvelous gift.

Do you know how to use your sense of hearing to listen?
Are you sure?

I invite you to watch Evelyn Glennie's talk on "How to truly listen".

I look forward to any thoughts you may have on what you learned from watching the talk, or any experiences you have involving listening.

I would love to hear from any hard of hearing individuals as well as deaf individuals regarding communication....be it lip reading or sign language.
How do you listen as a deaf person?

I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at this wonderful TED talk given by a deaf person. Enjoy!!

"For every word intended to render us deaf to one another, there is always a lyric connecting ears and hearts across the continents in rhyme.” (Sarah Jones.....TED presenter)


Closing Statement from W T

I listened..........instead of talking.

Thank you for your contributions.

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  • Nov 8 2013: There is a saying "Hear through the ears and Listen through the eyes". Whenever any persons talks to you and you are not looking at him/her then he/she says look at me and listen.Listening is an active and attentive process where all the nine senses of the human being actively take part in the process.The nine senses are ears,eyes,nose,tongue,body touch,sixth sense(intuition),spirit,brain . When a person talks to a person the message he/she conveys to the other person consists of four types of the messages . One the invisible message, second the visible message,third the intangible message and fourth the tangible message. The invisible message is the unspoken message,the visible message is the message which he intentionally speaks ,writes,or conveys through body language or sign language,the intangible message consists of emotions ,feelings,psychic energy. When two people communicate with each other when one of them is listening and other is talking then while they are doing so , then at the same time an exchange of psychic energies takes place between the two and a psychic connection is established between the two people.And then an invisible communication takes place between the two people of which they are not aware of , and due to which the person who is talking to the other person feels very comfortable and relaxed while talking.

    Listening is a natural art and science, and not everyone can be a good listener.When any person who is in trouble or having any problem comes to you then he/she expects you to listen to his story without being judgemental or he/she does not expects you to give moral lectures or decide who is wrong or whom to blame for the problem.

    Listening is a therapy where not only the person who talks feels relaxed and comfortable but also the person who is listening to the person also gains.

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