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Stop downloading, start ownloading.

I noticed that in many areas of the world (The ones I know) we face internet speed drop. This I think is caused by the poor infrastructures we have but also and may be mostly by the many useless downloading we are making.

I call now everyone (Around the globe), in order to help overall speed, to only download the thing he really needs, even not what he would need in a month but the ones useful now or very soon. Don't even download the things you brother, sister or close friend has already downloaded, just ask them or copy with you flash disk if you are close.

That is what I call Ownloading, downloading for yourself and others at the same time

  • Nov 18 2013: This could be a plausible idea, however I do not need it is going to be necessary for long. Internet companies are improving and within 5 years I feel the average speed for downloading will rise atleast 20 mb. They are already starting to roll out gigabit internet, and as the maximum speed grows, the minimum speed will rise.

    That being said, for now your idea is good. If anything it will control people's downloading habits. People these days download everything and even things they don't need. Limiting themselves will control their addictions and might even increase productivity. Downloading only what you need will make it so you get what you need and make you more efficient. These habits could carry over to everyday life.
  • Nov 7 2013: yeah, i like your idea. i will join you bro, let me create awareness of this thought over my vicinity. all the best.