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Traditional vs Electronic books - Which one is really Eco-Friendly?

I came up with this question when I was reading a book on my computer. Many people say traditional books pollute and harm the environment in order to be made.

I realized that my computer also pollutes, it uses electricity and that is done every time I or someone else reads an e-book or any document using his computer.

making a traditional book pollutes just once and then the book can be read a million times with no more pollution.

Do you still think traditional books pollute more than e-books? should we stop making more books and libraries for eBooks?

I need your opinions. Thanks


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  • Nov 8 2013: Traditional books are easy and comfortable to read because it does not puts strain on eyes and also you can read anywhere without worrying about the battery back up of the ebook device. But , ebooks have their own advantage you can have lots and lots of ebooks in a small memory card and can use that card on any device and read it.

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