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What do you believe are the most significant reasons American families are disintegrating and how can we improve this situation?

People leave their birthplaces due to many reasons -- to obtain employment or to pursue a new career, to join the military, to change climates, due to divorce, and more. With internet and cell phone use, families try to stay connected. However, not everyone can afford to fly back often to the families they left behind. How can we retain and improve relationships with our families when everyone is spread apart in various states? What is the answer?


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    Nov 5 2013: It is not just American problem, this problem is much more wider.

    Mostly, running for career, for possibility to go somewhere where they have chance to prosper, more then at home. That is the main reason families split up. But whole that running career stuff is for making good conditions for your family, right?

    So, I see some possibility in technology, to solve this problem partially, by social networks,skype etc. But, obviously, that can not replace human live touch. It can make easier informing between family members, and stay in touch. I mean that only human direct touch between each other can make this problem less dramatic, so, whatever you do, you have to find the way to see your family members.

    In fact, you are working that hard for you and your family, so why you can't afford to see them?
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      Nov 5 2013: Hello Jelena, Thanks for your reply. I live where I found work and must survive to support myself. Whenever I went back to my hometown, the work prospects were dim. Yes no electronic communication replaces a physical hug, to hold a hand, to kiss a cheek, etc. On my salary, I save and can afford to visit every 3 years.
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        Nov 5 2013: I'm so sad to hear this. It is obviously the same problem in whole world. I thought about problem in general.

        I also have problem to find the job (although I graduated, and had high scores). If I go out of my town, I will give whole my salary for place to live. If I stay home,in depressed town, full of disappointed people around, I'll become one of them.I'm still in the transition, and you have "emergency situation"..

        I think it would be helpfully for you, to tell you alternative ways to earn more money (besides the salary) so you'll find the possibility to make this family distance more milder. For example "at home" working projects, free lance, translation, handmade accessories. Also, you can ear, you can have fun too. Good luck with that, I hope you will see them soon ;)

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