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Outlaw war. It is challenging is to know that there are people in power who act as if they are heartless.

It is my belief that most people are good, caring individuals. What I see as the problem are the propaganda machines. Every nation has them. We are all to some degree susceptible to their influence. What I believe this nation should do is cease and desist all actions that involve invasion of another country. We should bring our forces home and have a requirement that each person is responsible only for defending his/her own property. And that if someone aggresses against you, you have the right to defend yourself. I suspect that this would stop war once and for all to a great extent. I suspect that this would also encourage people to find other means to settle their differences than a resort to violence.


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    Apr 26 2011: The very concept of a law is rooted in war. For there to be a law that has meaning, there must be enforcement, for there to be en...force...ment, there must be force. Now, an coalition of the powerful could sign a treaty and outlaw war... but if rogue states began fighting, what would those powers do? Impose toothless economic sanctions? Call them bad names? Or destroy their military capacity in a "police action?"

    As for everyone defending their own property and minding their own business, that's the utopia of anarchism that forgets the natural tendency of us humans to form associations- businesses, churches, motorcycle gangs, fight clubs, dojos, schools, community groups, etc. There will always be the self-interested who will associate to use force to acquire what they want. And there must always be those who will band together to defend life, liberty, property and happiness.

    I think rather than outlawing war, we all just need to develop a bias for peace. Before we know the facts, to go into a room ready to argue for peace, and give those who want war a damn hard time getting one. I believe in the concept of just war, but I also believe that they are far fewer in history than people who remember them fondly might like to think.

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