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Do women promote other women?

Sheryl Sandberg's talk is a very inspiring one, but she fails to address the elephant in the room--do women in corporate America develop the women beneath them to become the leaders. She says only 16% of corporate C-level jobs belong to women, but women have been in the workforce steadily since the 80's. Are women helping the women underneath them come up or are they too threatened to mentor younger women? Sheryl Sandberg was mentored by Larry Summers and hired in her current C-level position by Mark Zuckerberg. It would seem much of her opportunity was provided by men. How many stories do we hear about women developing women in their own fields, at their own companies? Not to discount the charity work at inner-city schools or alma maters, but let's take those examples out of the equation, and ask the hard questions: Of the women that are in positions of power, how many were developed and promoted by men? And of the women that are in positions of power, how many are developing or have promoted other women?