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Why prolong life, if the quality of it is not worth living?

I look at things that we do as human beings, ones that make sense and others not so much. One of the things I observe is how in my life time, we spend millions if not billions of dollars to research and manufacture medical technology that might make us live longer. It is what most people want. My question is, Now that we are living longer, what is the porpuse of it if by our late 50's and 60's we require a grand cocktail of medication to help us through each day each one countering the others side-effects. Millions of people require machines like, dialsyis, pacemakers, cpaps, and so on. If our life depends on all these things why do we bother to exchange quality for quantity?


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  • Nov 17 2013: There are always trade-offs. Though at some point, the trade-off isn't such a great deal.

    The same thing occurs all through life though. Career over family, family over career, that sort of thing. The value comes in the eye of the beholder. If I could prolong my life to spend time with my family and children, yes, I would consider it. Though if that trade-off came at a horrible price, that is for me to decide. Or, it may become the choice of the insurance or health companies to decide if my life is worth keeping around for a while longer. Ultimately, it is my choice as to whether I want to live longer or not and how much time, energy and resources I want to put into making that happen.

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