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How do you see life after death?

. . . . in 20 words or less.

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    Apr 19 2011: Die, then open your eyes?
  • Apr 20 2011: Through a telescope!!
  • Apr 23 2011: this is how Muslims see life after death:

    Journey to the Unseen World
    Home > Browse Library > Kids Korner > Books and Activities
    A picture book with an abridged text of the original book 'Jouney to the Unseen World' in simple English, which discusses the circumtances of life after death.

    The Hereafter - Ma'ad by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi
    Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > Resurrection
    Home > Browse Library > Belief & Creed > General
    A detailed account of humanity’s experience of death, and the stages beyond it, including the status in one’s grave, Barzakh, the Day of Judgment (Qiyamah), and the final recourse in Heaven or Hell.
  • Apr 23 2011: for a believer death is like changing cloth
  • Apr 23 2011: when we are dead and we were soil and bone, then we will be alive and wake up again?

    if this is possible should have at least an evidence. if it is possible so it should be possible our body be selected and collected and made from particles of body distributed in soil this is an evidence:
    did you forget your creation?
    when you was in womb of your mother how your body was collected and made from soil. any food your mother eat is from soil. fruits and meat is finally from soil. plants make food by selecting and collecting particles from soil. so you already are collected and created from soil. so it not impossible a machine or organism like your mothers body collect and create you again from soil after death and you will be alive again. so it is possible.
    this is reply of God to this question:
  • Apr 23 2011: the sense of pain and enjoy at life after death is 10 times more than that senses in this world
  • Apr 23 2011: size of world against other universe is like a small ring in a desert
  • Apr 23 2011: life of world comparing other other life is like life in womb comparing world
  • Apr 23 2011: for who have flourished their garden of world life, death is all pain because they should leave their beloved.
    for who for who have flourished the their garden of heaven death is all pain because they go to visit their beloved.
  • Apr 23 2011: death is like passing a bridge
  • Apr 23 2011: death is a window to new universe.
  • Apr 23 2011: death like waking up after sleep.

    Muhammad (peace on him):
    sleep is brother of death
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    Apr 19 2011: “… The undiscover'd country from whose bourn
    No traveller returns, puzzles the will …” Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1(excerpt, of course)

    How do I see life after death?
    I see it as a natural change and I believe the creator is teaching us lessons that we are going to need afterwards.
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    Apr 18 2011: great question. stupid 20 word rule... that's why i'll ignorre it. Sorry.

    I know that when we are about to die or when we have a near death experience theres a substance in our brain which is called dimethyltryptamine that is sent out in our brain. This is also the same substance that the brain makes when we are asleep or more correctly when we dream. So basicly the dimethyltryptamine has a huge rush when it starts and it takes just a second for it to go from nothing to a whole new galaxy in your brain.

    So first you get a huge rush to this new galaxy when you are almost dead and in many cases when people have smoked dimethyltryptamine they se a light just in the begining of the trip. Because this substence is also a drug on the black market. Yes altough it is completely harmless for humans it is the most "illegal" drug in the world.

    So this light is what many people se when they are dead for a couple of minuites.

    A couple of minuites after the body dies the brain keeps functioning. During this time there is a huge amount of dimethyltryptamine in the brain. in such huge doses the person doesn't usually remember anything afterwards. but some do. that's why not everyone is even able to remember this "light" but everyone experiences it. maybe not in the form of a light but as the start of a dream. The final dream.