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What is reality ?

Did you ever think about what it is that makes reality real ?
How is our reality created ? Isn't it the perceptions our brain creates based on our sensory inputs ?
But what if we lack a sense ? How does reality change for somebody who cannot hear or see ?
Or take it even a step further, assume you are deprived of all your senses, What would reality mean in such a case ?
And last but not least, let's assume you are born without any senses. What would that mean to your reality ?
So what is reality and what are we as part of this reality ?


Closing Statement from Harald Jezek

Thanks everybody for participating in this conversation.
After 900+ comments did we solve the question of what reality actually is ? Probably not, however it was a good exercise in contemplating what it actually means when we say this or this is "real".
What most of us agreed upon is that there are different aspects to reality.

One is the reality we deal with on a daily basis and which we share to a large degree. For example we agree upon common things, such as when we see a car we all agree it's a car, a tree is a tree and a house if a house.
Although we know that this reality is created by our mind based on sensory inputs which is not only incomplete but often also faulty, it still is "real" because we share the same benchmarking (same sensory inputs, generally same mechanism how our brain interprets those sensory inputs.

Beside this shared reality we all have our own reality. This can be something simple like the perception of a taste, odor or a color.
Although we might agree that a given color is read or an odor is that of a pine, we never can know how another person actually perceives this sensory input.
Individual reality also becomes visible in our beliefs. For a religious person the existence of a God is a fact and hence part of reality while for an atheist reality is free of such a God.
Differences in this aspect of reality can also be observed in how different people get different perceptions of the same situation.

Last but not least there must be an underlying objective reality which includes the laws of nature (whether those are the ones we believe are valid today or perhaps something even deeper which we don't have discovered yet) and which exists regardless of us being here to contemplate it and regardless of our beliefs.

Next time we insist something is real, let's think whether it's real for me, for all(most) of us or real in an absolute sense.

To finish with Albert Einstein:
"“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

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    Dec 1 2013: Hello Esteban. Years ago when I've decided to leave my science school (thermodynamics) for Art - I've had my REASON. Watching how my mind of a painting artist works driven by its intuitive "moves" lead me to discover the very mechanism of perceiving.
    An artist's, scientist's or anyone's mind cannot function without this nature's built-in mechanism.

    I've entered the filed that "has no name" as my professor put it. Nothing can be sensed, felt, or memorized, without this illusive but basic "process" of perceiving - no physical sense perceptions would be possible. As I have mentioned before Every Mind, with brains or no brains, sighted or blind, constantly COMPARES its interactions, outer and inner. These are still primary: no order, no images yet.

    Then a mind SELECTS sensations, through COMPARISON, still in subconsciousness.

    Then COMPOSES sensations of interactions into clusters of sensations, in any random order it prefers. We feel them as sounds, images, temperature.. Intuitive perceiving is PRIMARY. The following physical sense-perceptions are SECONDARY, "overprocessed".

    A mind FRAMES its compositions into its realities, leaving the rest of sensations on a background.

    Perceiving reveals the very process of life driven by our internal creative abilities.

    When one fails to memorize this means one fails to Compare. (I helped some people with memory losses based on simple exercises - hot water followed by cold water, sweet drink - very sour drink.)

    COMPARISON reveals why our memories cannot be stored or fixed. The world's Change/FLUX stimulates our perceptions, transforming our existence. We shall see our nature as instant transformations, including memories, pain, joy.. no way to come back.

    Sorry, I cannot refer you to read about this elsewhere. My work is too new - impossible to fairly categorize based on existing institutions. I have thousands of notes - unpublished yet.
    • Dec 1 2013: Just lost the response I was creating ...and do not feel like recreating it all again... maybe in another conversation we will get into the details. for now I just want to put out there that perception may involve a simple transformation you get something and do something to it. in other words the eyes perceive the light and just transform it into an electrical signal without doing any comparisons at all... we are given a present and choose what to do with it.
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        Dec 1 2013: Esteban - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN penetrate our mind as is, not even what we see as light !
        otherwise we would be destroyed as living forms. Whatever you see is already some production of your sensations created within your mind.

        You say "we are given a present and choose what to do with it" But We are given nothing but our nature's tools of perceptions through which we interact within and without, however in some creative ways. Our internal power is to create our own realities based on these interactions. Looks like this conversation is about making rounds...

        I'm just explaining WHY we cannot sense "things" or events, or any powers out there as they are.

        These explanations, my own thoughts and you are welcome to argue with me.

        We cannot perceive anything as it is ---- is one of the oldest/ancient wisdom we often forget or cannot comprehend.

        We will talk again over a new conversation. Thank you.
        • Dec 1 2013: Vera,

          we agree that the reality we have access to corresponds to what we think to be rather than directly to what happens to be. In other words we only have access to the map within and not the territory out there. What I meant to share with you is that rather than compare stuff our organs simply transform it. An example would be night vision system or an infrared camera that takes certain light and transforms it into something we can easily see... our eyes sort of work the same they take in some light and transforms it into electrical signals. there is a ted talk of a guy who is color blind and now has a system that makes sounds based on the colors which he hears and interprets(http://www.ted.com/talks/neil_harbisson_i_listen_to_color.html?quote=1788 ) That device takes in a signal (light) and transforms it into a different signal (sound). Our organs take a signal and transforms it into a different signal.

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