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What is reality ?

Did you ever think about what it is that makes reality real ?
How is our reality created ? Isn't it the perceptions our brain creates based on our sensory inputs ?
But what if we lack a sense ? How does reality change for somebody who cannot hear or see ?
Or take it even a step further, assume you are deprived of all your senses, What would reality mean in such a case ?
And last but not least, let's assume you are born without any senses. What would that mean to your reality ?
So what is reality and what are we as part of this reality ?


Closing Statement from Harald Jezek

Thanks everybody for participating in this conversation.
After 900+ comments did we solve the question of what reality actually is ? Probably not, however it was a good exercise in contemplating what it actually means when we say this or this is "real".
What most of us agreed upon is that there are different aspects to reality.

One is the reality we deal with on a daily basis and which we share to a large degree. For example we agree upon common things, such as when we see a car we all agree it's a car, a tree is a tree and a house if a house.
Although we know that this reality is created by our mind based on sensory inputs which is not only incomplete but often also faulty, it still is "real" because we share the same benchmarking (same sensory inputs, generally same mechanism how our brain interprets those sensory inputs.

Beside this shared reality we all have our own reality. This can be something simple like the perception of a taste, odor or a color.
Although we might agree that a given color is read or an odor is that of a pine, we never can know how another person actually perceives this sensory input.
Individual reality also becomes visible in our beliefs. For a religious person the existence of a God is a fact and hence part of reality while for an atheist reality is free of such a God.
Differences in this aspect of reality can also be observed in how different people get different perceptions of the same situation.

Last but not least there must be an underlying objective reality which includes the laws of nature (whether those are the ones we believe are valid today or perhaps something even deeper which we don't have discovered yet) and which exists regardless of us being here to contemplate it and regardless of our beliefs.

Next time we insist something is real, let's think whether it's real for me, for all(most) of us or real in an absolute sense.

To finish with Albert Einstein:
"“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

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    Nov 17 2013: None among living creatures may have any reality, until its unique sensations and perceptions of sensations, begin to build its personal theater of reality, within its mind.

    No one is able to fly out of that mind's reality to see the world objectively, as it is. We may never know how we effect objective to us realities, but may create something perceivable within ourselves, only based on our internal reactions on how objective reality EFFECTS OUR MINDS.

    We are all very limited in our interactions and therefore understanding, because of our critically important defence mechanism of Limitations. Without limitations we would melt down into everything else, crashed by unimaginable powers of instant changes of the world, loosing our existence as individual creatures, in no time. Everyone's reality is uniquely limited, it is absolutely internal and invisible to anyone but its master mind. I try, for the very first time, to explain (in my life-long work on perceptions), WHY every living form must be Limited in perceiving and all its interactions, and WHY it can never see the world out there. as it is.

    SImilar to other individual living forms, we must create our own realities for the sake of our very exitence. It is up to our internal abilities how great or poor our realities may become. It is my main work - to find explanations
    to WHY every living form must possess a mind (invisible to any sort of corporeal sight) that is subconsciously producing its own internal environment that we loosely call Reality.

    I would be happy to share my thoughts on HOW our minds produce their subconscious "worlds" as well as their conscious realities. Lets avoid very common researchers mistakes who pay practically no attention at how their own minds PERCEIVE what they see, (including what they call brains), lets call the process of perceiving.
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      Nov 18 2013: "None among living creatures may have any reality, until its unique sensations and perceptions of sensations, begin to build its personal theater of reality, within its mind."
      Yes, this is most likely true for our subjective reality, however, the underlying absolute reality is independent of us and exists regardless whether or not we have any means to experience it.

      I think we might be able to experience objective reality, but probably not through our 5 senses. If we assume that the quantum world is part of this objective reality then we can probably best "experience" it through mathematics or indirectly through effects caused by events in the quantum world.

      "loosing our existence as individual creatures" What if this existence as individual creatures is nothing but an illusion ?

      From my POV, the mind is a product of our brain. No brain = no mind = no consciousness.
      You say that every living organism must have a mind. I think that can't be true, at least not based on what we commonly understand as mind.
      So, please share with us how you define "mind" and how do you think it must be possessed by every living being.
    • Nov 19 2013: Vera,

      One can see the world objectively as it is in the model if the mind's reality model is made to correspond with the original. Fractal 'equality' far and near... How one does that... Ah thats a whole different matter :-) Without limitations some may choose to maintain certain limitations ... in other words the individual fine creature exists as a limited being that can do anything and possesses infinite capabilities...

      I used to believe in the notion of identical copies where actually a figment of imagination thus separate minds experiencing the same thing to be impossible until I realized that was just part of a belief I choose to hold... If you want to further explore this let me know here and I will propose a new conversation to dialogue focused on it there...
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        Nov 20 2013: I think that you probably do need to start a new "conversation"

        I'll follow you. Sure thing.
        • Nov 20 2013: Vera,

          Ok will do it again ... and see what happens... first time the conversation was rejected see my post below... it it gets approved it will be at... http://www.ted.com/conversations/21656/spinoff_reality_individual.html you may even be able to go now and post there with the caveat that whatever is posted there may be deleted by the mods... on the other hand if you post there the mods may choose to let it stay... one of those things one never knows what will happen until it happens...
        • Nov 20 2013: Vera et all the conversation has been approved :-)
    • Nov 20 2013: Vera et all

      edited out this message... because a new spinoff conversation was approved see above or below for the link...

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