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New TED.com pages! What do you think?

Those of you who've checked out the early beta of the updated TED.com -- what do you think of the redesigned pages so far?

You'll notice that, in this first beta phase, only some pages have been redesigned (the video page, for instance, but not the speaker's bio).

(And yes, TED Conversations still looks exactly the same in the early beta. It will stay that way for a good long while, at least through the middle of 2014. We'll share news as we have it.)

So -- what's your feedback on the shiny new pages?

More info on our process, and the link to sign up for access to the early beta, here: http://hello.ted.com

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    Nov 12 2013: I had difficulty navigating the New TED.com pages, and I thought it was only because I am technically challenged. As Lejan says..."...a new layout just needs some time to get used to it and to forget about the old one. :o)" It's good to see those who are more technically minded explain the challenges:>)
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    Nov 12 2013: MY first impression of the new TED start page and therefore just one opinion:

    - Tablets dominate layout concept, which isn't the optimum for desktop computer without touch-screen

    - Yet even though tablet layout, still no 'wipe' function on 'magic mouse' to scroll horizontally

    - Different picture and font sizes are irritating, as it suggests some unknown form of 'ranking' of the talks (As TED is a contend based Internet platform, form should follow content and not the other way around).

    - Sometimes a thin dotted black line corners the horizontal scroll arrows on the right/ left (screen shots available if wanted)

    - Some of the changing * comments regarding 'ideas worth spreading' are somewhat questionable

    And as usual, a new layout just needs some time to get used to it and to forget about the old one. :o)

    Well done and good job by all of you! Thank you!

    Tested on: Firefox 25 / Mac OS X 10.7.5
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    Nov 12 2013: Maybe I am just not smart enough to follow your link in your email properly by clicking on it, yet I get directly to this page:


    Is this meant to be the new start page of TED or 'just' the new speaker page design?

    Edit: OK, I found the start page by clicking on the TED logo ... so much about the ATARI generation ... ;o)
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    Nov 12 2013: I have to agree with Krisztian's comment below that the new TED.com's managing of comments is much less practical and efficient than in the old TED.com for the reasons he states. I hope that will be fixed so as not to discourage interest in the forum.

    Not knowing what another person commented on or being able to find out by clicking on that comment does not seem a sensible change. Not being able to find ones own most recent comments by clicking on ones own profile, another way within the old TED.com of finding ones way back to an old conversation, also does not work.

    I appreciate your asking for feedback in TED Conversations, because people who do not use the forum would not notice these unfortunate changes.

    One other thing that I had thought the rebuild was meant to address was people's expressed interest in "doing something" as a response to the talk that inspired them. I do not see anything introduced thus far of that kind, other than opportunities there have always been to comment, watch other talks, or see recommendations of TED books. What I thought people were asking for was something that steered them to a way of "doing" something. [I am not saying TED has any sort of obligation to do this, but only that the announcement I read on reddit and on hello.ted.com about the user feedback to which the rebuild was responding identified this interest in "doing" something as a piece of feedback heard loudly.
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    Nov 11 2013: go to a person's profile page. you see the comments. you can't see in which conversation the comment has been made, nor you can find it out in any way. you can, on the other hand, click on the name above each and every comment, which leads to the very page you are at :)
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    Nov 11 2013: well, the comment section got significantly worse since i celebrated the correction of errors. now it is a complete unusable mess. i got a notification mail about a reply, but found none. i found the comment by its opening words from the mail, it was a reply to an empty post. meanwhile, i can't find my own posts there.
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    Nov 8 2013: overall, i like it, but the comment section needs to be improved. the bugs i saw earlier now seem to be fixed. good. but there are conceptual problem with the "quote" part of a reply, it is unnecessary in most cases. here are my recommendations:

    1. make the quote part collapse-able to 1 line or 3 lines or so, and collapsed by default. if necessary, reader should be able expand it with clicking on a "+" or "..." icon (individually, not all at once).

    2. let us select what goes into the quote. now the entire post is added. but if i reply to a part only, it would be nice to be able to include only that part.
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    Nov 8 2013: Wow~ it's brilliant~!
    The speed of buffer has been much improved after I click on the talks, I can enjoy talks efficiently on my Macbook now. :)

    I still hope one day TED could open an anonymous poll function with free discussion for us to explore and share more new ideas. We have this in Shanghai.
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    Nov 8 2013: The new pages are more attractive, but I have a feeling those who visit ted.com and listen to talks on small mobile devices will see more practical difference than those who use a desk top computer or laptop.
  • Nov 4 2013: I hope they put a full screen option on the video. I have a 27" 1920x1080 monitor and on full screen TED talks are a pleasure to watch even from a distance but dropping back to a 1000px by 700px video player is like going back to a 9" TV.
    Maybe they are going to host the talks instead of using Youtube to get more out of the advertising but if that is it I have a better alternative for them. I already recommend they do not load videos on Youtube in the 1080p format because it is not fully supported by Youtube. That's why the 1080p videos on Youtube keep going into wait states while the buffers catch up.
    Personally I went back to the old format because of the frustration trying to get some of the new beta features to work. It has been a frustrating week personally and I just dropped out of Facebook for the third and hopefully last time so I will check it out again a little later.
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    Nov 1 2013: Its Nice, the search results were interesting that too time frame, I liked it.

    I just wish in Ted Conversation, If we Could Follow a Particular Member as we found the views of that person is interesting just a suggestion.

    Thank you
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      Nov 1 2013: You can do that for anyone with a profile.

      For example, let's say you are interested in reading Krisztian's posts. Click on his picture among recent commenters or his name on any of his posts, and you will go immediately to his profile. Down the left of that page, you will see all his thousands of posts, the most recent first.

      Here is what I get when I click on your name here: http://www.ted.com/profiles/2097561
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        Nov 1 2013: Fritzie Thank you for helping me out.

        I was thinking of getting informed, that whoever I am following has given comment on this topic or has felt this talk interesting, this will help me to be in touch with the person. I wish the platform become more interactive, right now I don't see any disadvantage of it, but if any is there then I am OK with the present format.
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          Nov 1 2013: I understand. You are right that you are not alerted to these things unless they are replies to you.
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    Oct 31 2013: the change is always very welcoming ,let's hope the better will come with it :)
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    Oct 31 2013: Hi,
    I wanted to watch a talk I had already watched so that I would focus on the beta version not the talk :) . When I use the search box it takes me back to the current version. But then again when I click on the talk it takes me to the beta. Actually I liked this, the automatic switching between the versions :)

    "by the way, you watch TED Talks at work; so if we could prevent them from auto-playing and embarrassing you with the sound of the opening titles, you’d appreciate it." Yes I really appreciated even though I used the headset all the time.

    I checked the watch later flag and loved that too :)
    This is just a quick feedback,

    by the way I use mozilla firefox.
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    Oct 31 2013: You may have answered this elsewhere, but could you answer for the TED Conversationalist who may have applied to preview the beta how long it typically takes between making the request to preview and getting access to the beta?
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      Aja B.

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      Oct 31 2013: I'm not sure how quickly they're going to be adding folks to the beta list, but Fritzie, you should have already received an invite. Did it not go through?

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        Oct 31 2013: I received an invite. I was not asking for myself but rather anticipating a question others might ask who are hearing about this opportunity only now.
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          Aja B.

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          Oct 31 2013: In that case, I'm not aware of what the specific plan is, but I know they want to let everyone who wants access in asap. Hopefully not too long of a wait!
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        Nov 1 2013: Aja, Will you be responding to the suggestions made? Or any type of feedback?

        Thanks, Bob.
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          Nov 2 2013: I believe Aja is on vacation but I noticed someone actually from the technology design team replied in a conversation to a question Keith posed with respect to a particular aspect of the rebuild..

          I am sure someone will be monitoring and considering the feedback here!