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New TED.com pages! What do you think?

Those of you who've checked out the early beta of the updated TED.com -- what do you think of the redesigned pages so far?

You'll notice that, in this first beta phase, only some pages have been redesigned (the video page, for instance, but not the speaker's bio).

(And yes, TED Conversations still looks exactly the same in the early beta. It will stay that way for a good long while, at least through the middle of 2014. We'll share news as we have it.)

So -- what's your feedback on the shiny new pages?

More info on our process, and the link to sign up for access to the early beta, here: http://hello.ted.com


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    Oct 31 2013: You may have answered this elsewhere, but could you answer for the TED Conversationalist who may have applied to preview the beta how long it typically takes between making the request to preview and getting access to the beta?
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      Oct 31 2013: I'm not sure how quickly they're going to be adding folks to the beta list, but Fritzie, you should have already received an invite. Did it not go through?

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        Oct 31 2013: I received an invite. I was not asking for myself but rather anticipating a question others might ask who are hearing about this opportunity only now.
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          Aja B. 20+

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          Oct 31 2013: In that case, I'm not aware of what the specific plan is, but I know they want to let everyone who wants access in asap. Hopefully not too long of a wait!
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        Nov 1 2013: Aja, Will you be responding to the suggestions made? Or any type of feedback?

        Thanks, Bob.
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          Nov 2 2013: I believe Aja is on vacation but I noticed someone actually from the technology design team replied in a conversation to a question Keith posed with respect to a particular aspect of the rebuild..

          I am sure someone will be monitoring and considering the feedback here!

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