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Environment-related teachings to children/students taught in school-buildings that are made up of wood

A thought came in my mind that, if children (or anyone else for that matter) are taught in the school-buildings that are made up of wood, a Very Close Attention should be given towards the teachings of our environment that they (children/students) are given. Like, they should not, when they grow up, take on a business that involves tree-cutting or the like But which is unhealthy or not good for the environment of all in the world, on Earth, and, for all on Earth too, saying that, '..After all, our School-buildings were made up of wood!..'... (I have made this as a comment on this talk's page (the one that shows video of it) also and maybe will put it in 'ASK' for this talk as a question also here)
What or what else do you think about this or such issue?

  • Nov 4 2013: I listen to the talk and do not agree with him. Just because someone gives a talk does not mean they are right or even ethical. However I do not agree with you either. There is nothing wrong with using wood to build. The problem lies with greedy unethical people who destroy scant resources without replacing them.

    Most corporations are formed with the idea that they can destroy at will and then escape without paying a price for the wrongs to society which is simply not sustainable.
    No-liability policies must be crushed before we are crushed by them.
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      Nov 4 2013: Hello! Thank you for your comment!
      (Yes, just because someone gives a talk does not mean that he/she is right.) I respect your views. My concern here was not that making buildings using wood is not good. It is that, if in future, there are school-buildings made up of wood, "the children/students taught there should be taught "very well" about our environment".
      This is because, the students who were taught in wooden school-buildings should not take it, like, an excuse, for "bad" tree-cutting by themselves in the future. This is like an another way to explain what I want to say.

      Yes, if people are cutting trees, they should plant trees also...
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      Nov 4 2013: I understood the 'No liability...' term you said as being 'irresponsible for'...
      Is it correct? I understood the last sentence as, 'the policies that (indirectly) allow being irresponsible should be crushed down (before we are crushed by them.)'. Is this the correct meaning? Can you please explain a little more? I did not fully understood the last sentence.
      Thanks. :)
      • Nov 4 2013: Ashish I love your questions and your learning ability, I believe you will go far and do good things in this world, you are certainly on the right path.
        Over a thousand years ago No-liability and later limited liability laws where created so large projects like bridges and infrastructure that benefited the community as a whole could be completed without all the delays caused by law suits from people who were against the idea. It still works well for special projects like that where there is a benefit to the whole community. The laws were never intended to be used by any and all companies to pollute the land, water and air such as they are today. Today anybody with $300 can become a corporation, go out and destroy anything they want, dissolve the corporation, take the money and walk away a free man with no liability. The next day he can start over with another corporation and do the same thing again. It has to stop, it is not sustainable and a lot of people are getting hurt along the way with not only no benefit to the community but often utter devastation. It is a WMD (weapon of Mass Destruction)
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          Nov 5 2013: Thank you very much for your very nice words about me! I will remember them. Such things said to me by others are always special and an inspiration for me.
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          Nov 5 2013: And, thank you so much for explaining me the meaning of 'no liability laws...' so nicely :) !! I think I understood it more now!! But, I certainly got the idea of it!!
          I got your point now. We should try to make our planet better...!!
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          Nov 5 2013: Thank you for giving me my first thumbs-up here (my first (positive) TEDCred score)...!! :)
      • Nov 5 2013: I think you deserve three thumbs up even though I only have two thumbs! My daughter used to tell me: "Daddy, I love you more than I can", it's sort of like that with the thumbs.
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          Nov 5 2013: :) Thank you so much!! :) :) Thanks for sharing her words!! :) All the best to you for every thing/work that you do!!! ( :
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    Nov 1 2013: What else should we or can we keep in mind, regarding this topic or any other such thing, when we think of going in buildings that are made up of wood...?