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If you could meet your kid self, what would you say to him or her? Do you think he/she would be proud to meet you?

My papa always told me "Maria, everything happens for a reason. God has the perfect plan for you, just believe in yourself" and I could never fully grasp what he meant. Today, as a college student aspiring to dreams bigger than myself, I understand what he means. I understand that every small and big moment in my life that hurt me led to greater achievements. I wish I could go back and tell myself "Don't worry so much!"


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    Nov 7 2013: Hi Maria,
    My "kid self" is still with me, and I talk with her often:>)

    I was encouraged, from the time I was a wee little lass, to believe in myself, and my mother recognized her "kid self" into adulthood....even in her 80s, just before she died, so I learned from her behavior.

    The child-like parts of "self" are open minded, open hearted, curious, honest, trusting, joyful and unconditionally loving. These are all qualities that at some point, we may put aside because we're "supposed" to be grown up! Then we sometimes spend years trying to re-connect with these qualities again!

    I believe every single moment of the life adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole. As I am on the path of the life journey, I often tell the kid in me "good job"....."hang in there"....."be all that you can "be"" in each and every moment:>)

    There are no dreams that are bigger than yourself Maria, although it may seem that way at times.....everything starts with a dream. You can tell yourself right now...."don't worry so much"....."BE" all that you can "BE" in each and every moment:>)

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