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If you could meet your kid self, what would you say to him or her? Do you think he/she would be proud to meet you?

My papa always told me "Maria, everything happens for a reason. God has the perfect plan for you, just believe in yourself" and I could never fully grasp what he meant. Today, as a college student aspiring to dreams bigger than myself, I understand what he means. I understand that every small and big moment in my life that hurt me led to greater achievements. I wish I could go back and tell myself "Don't worry so much!"


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    im boo

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    Nov 2 2013: Q. If I could meet my kid self, what would I say to her? Do I think she'd be proud to meet me?
    A. I would tell my child self to speak up more and that she will not remain an extremely shy, self-conscious child; that she should focus on personal growth and spirituality throughout her life. That all the adversities she will experience in life will prepare her for even bigger future challenges, and that it will all be worthwhile. I think she would be amazed to meet me to see how so many aspects of her being develop as a mature adult.
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      Nov 7 2013: :) sounds like a beautiful journey! thanks for sharing!

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