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If you could meet your kid self, what would you say to him or her? Do you think he/she would be proud to meet you?

My papa always told me "Maria, everything happens for a reason. God has the perfect plan for you, just believe in yourself" and I could never fully grasp what he meant. Today, as a college student aspiring to dreams bigger than myself, I understand what he means. I understand that every small and big moment in my life that hurt me led to greater achievements. I wish I could go back and tell myself "Don't worry so much!"


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    Nov 1 2013: If I had the opportunity to do this, I probably wouldn,t try to change a thing. We as kids , or teenagers receive advice various times by different adults close to us. Anything that I could say to myself wouldn't really make a difference in my perspective because we only start to understand that advice when we start experiencing for ourselves what it all means. Thanks to those little moments when my father gave me advice, I realized that he was right once a mistake was made. I like my experiences, ifeel it made me stronger, and able to react to more serious things.
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      Nov 7 2013: That's great! I too think mistakes need more attention and we should be proud of them because it shows that we took a chance, did something that wasn't a guarantee. It's all about what you gain from the experience.

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