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Making a living or making a life?

Americans are educated in a system that advertises the American dream, as a person working hard and making money for his family. A succesfull family is portrayed as being that of a couple working their butts off to buy what they most desire. Do you feel that in our american dream, we have been thaught to make a living more than we have been thaught to make a life? We can work long hours and make more money , but have we learned to enjoy precious moments, our family, and overall our life?

ok another scenario,What would you rather choose, if you have both love for your family, but are equally passionate for your work. It happens to very few people. The people that it does happen to though, are the people who might be passionate about a certain thing or subject doesn't necessarilly mean that their focus is only money. Besides having their families as motivation, these people also have a genuine love for the work they do, and are motivated to either make a difference in their field, and sometimes can't manage to balance both family and work. I guess that it all comes down to every individual, like you said only I can answer myself. Thanks for the answers.


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  • Nov 1 2013: my two pints......

    There is no making a living
    There is no making a life
    There is only Living Life

    and it is Life that lives You, Not You living Life.
    In the end, there really IS no You....only Life....and you are THAT..

    dig deep! Live well.
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      Nov 3 2013: I really like your comment, it is completely new to me.
      do you have any book to suggest? or something?!
      • Nov 4 2013: Good morning from California Niloofar. I've thought about your question.....my only recommendation is to Equire deeply and patiently into the nature of Yourself. Move beyond the mere concepts and ideas that you have formulated by way of memories and past experiences. You will find out who you truly are and then you will realize that you are the student in life and you are the teacher in life.....as is everyone else. KNOW THYSELF

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