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The day we don't find but seek

As the sun rises, joy rises in some part of the world; a new child is born, a long life relationship is bonded, the lost sheep has just returned and the day can’t get any better until the sun rises again to bring sadness filled with darkness; you just buried your mother, war sounds are at your door step, your friend sets off with your love and the sentence is death. Day: beautiful yet to hurtful, merciful but malicious, long to be short, so near however distant, mysterious but easily obvious. Ever since I was a kid I heard people talk of Day; one day will come, that day is coming, not today, it’s the day, wait for the day and all this sounded like chaos in my mind, I thought of my day; do I have one? Did it pass? Is it coming? Where is it coming from? Will I know it? I hear of people always speaking of wait when that day comes you will see, yet they live on and live on to die without showing us the day, and other always claim that this is the Day but to live on a few more time and claim another day to be the Day. The more I heard/hear that the more I question myself am I supposed to find it?


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    Nov 1 2013: i think when the sadness won't leave us will still for the happiness one refuge only which is *the living of your moment.

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