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Why is asking for help at best uncomfortable, at worst impossible?

I was hit by a car and severely injured. After 2 yrs I am working again but not at the rate I was. During this time I fell into deep depression and fearful monetary situations. I spent a lot of time hiding in bed hoping to vaporize. I was also afraid of not being able to return to work because of PTSD. I found it impossible to ask for help. I am on the mend but I was wondering why this is. Any ideas?


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  • Nov 2 2013: We all need help when we were in our misery or uncomfortable situation.

    Asking help isn't wrong because when people around is in that situation he/she will also ask for someone that he/she can depend on or lean on.

    I somehow agree with what Robert Winner say...

    but sometimes pride always take part in this situation because you felt like you will be a burden to anyone. You just want to work to the things you used to be, even though you already it is impossible for you return that soon. You just need to depend on someone until the situation gets better.

    Cheers, wish you all the best.

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