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Happiness Vs. Nihilistic viewpoint

Both emotions and states of mind are within the mind and from an "atheist" point of view such things wouldn't exist. Objectively speaking, is it worth pursuing happiness understanding that it is only within the mind? Yes it is and understandable argument that we should try to best enjoy the life that we live rather than live painfully but is it really morally correct to idolize happiness and make it the center of life? I would think that any type of answer besides criticism would help in satisfying the question.


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    Nov 3 2013: Dear Gabe,

    Matthieu Ricard's TED Talk is amongst my top favorites. I had to look up the word to know what "Nihilistic" means!! And now that I do, I consider myself most fortunate for never having had this word in my vocabulary:-) maybe a sign of my having successfully averted teen age-hood ;-) I can not see how this is in any way a "theist" /"non-theist" matter. Happiness is a very passive state. It comes and goes. So we can not set that as our "target" for life. When / if we do that, then as soon as the "happy" moment passes, we are sad and lost. He uses the chocolate cake example, which is a good one to keep in mind. Our target for life, as Matthieu puts it, is wellness; an overall comprehensive state of wellbeing.

    I hope this will help:
    1.rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.
    "an embittered, nihilistic teenager"
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      Nov 3 2013: Wow thank you for your response, the video in the link that you posted really gave me the answer that I was looking for. I don't really think I have many words to describe my feelings and opinions around it, but in the least of words it made me feel very positive. This may sound a bit odd but I really cant thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to experience that which I had just experienced.
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      Nov 3 2013: Thank you for the link to Louie Schwartzberg. It was right on time for me as I am trying to recapture the sense of wonder and gratefulness I had as a child - I'll be watching each day for a bit.

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