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How would you feel if every human was given unconditional income?

As humans I believe we should all have the basic necessities of life provided to us free of charge. These rights belong to every living being on the planet. Now I know there are some possibilities....(like given the money people will just blow it all anyways), this is besides the point though.

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  • Nov 1 2013: The communism block tried that sort of thing for years. Its doomed to failure, and its one of the reasons it fell.
    It encourages people to become parasites on the system, as opposed to doing something useful for their salary. Paying people for unproductive work (or no work at all) essentially punishes those that are working on useful things. The money has to come from somewhere, after all, and if not from taxes, then where?

    The elderly and people with severe disabilities at least have a very convincing excuse that they physically can't. As for the rest of us, no work, pay, simple as that. Otherwise you're punishing the people who are working.
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      Nov 1 2013: People would still earn money for working. I suppose I am suggesting a flat rate for every human for basic life necessities.

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