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Practice spoken English in effective ways

I am eagerly to improve my spoken English now. More fluently and more natual.I found we can learn language knowledge in the classroom,however,we have so many other important things need to learn out of the classroom.Take speaking for an example,I feel it's difficult for us to make great progress only in the classroom.Consequently,it seems I still can not master it after many years of English studying.The reason is we do not have enough opportunities to interact with others.Actually,it's a little strange to speak English with our Chinese friends or other people who speak the same language as us in dialy life.Because we don't have such language enviornment.

So recently I'm seraching for some online chat rooms where people can speak English.The thing is the people on those chat rooms are not suitable for me.

I want to ask if there is any cummunity online or on skype where people gather together to dicuss any topics in English. I think this can contribute to my spoken English.tks!

Topics: public speaking

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  • Nov 1 2013: Yes,there are many foreigners here and there. But I don't encounter them very often.
    I want to practice English regularly.Now I can find many opportunities like TED conversation to practice
    English in writing.People can exchange ideas and thoughts.This is great. But I'd also like to improve my
    speaking.I believe it can be improved through interaction.

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