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Are there cures for phobias?

In my personal experience, at least some phobias can have a definite cause and it can be traced back to a specific incident or instant in time, leading me to suggest that most have the same root cause, an incident that on some unconscious or subconscious level, triggered the 'phobic fear' that became embedded as a 'norm' for the person.

I have cured a number of phobias for people, not by deleting it from their memory or any of the therapies above, but by removing the emotional response to the phobia source. For example, spiders. The person remains cognitively aware that spiders are dangerous and can jump and bite, but there is no irrational fear or terror accompanying the cognitive recognition of the spider. It takes around 15minutes to work with a client to completely remove the emotional response, but that is only the start of it.

Just as a smoker can 'relapse' if not in a supportive environment, so does a person coming out of a phobia, so having a supportive environment is a powerful framework for the total and ongoing recovery from these challenges.

Please note: I am not in the business of curing phobias, I'm not a psychologist or counsellor. I know this works and it seems that I also know many people with phobias that have their lived ruled by them, without needing it to be that way.

I have written more about this at http://www.lifechange90.com/how-to-cure-phobias/.

Ray Jamieson


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  • Nov 1 2013: I'd recommend a psychologist for ridding oneself of phobias.
    I think its in their job description, somewhere. Some of them are quite good at it.

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