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Are there still places that have been unexplored? Still to explore?

I know that we have used Google Maps and other satellite maps to help locate "new" places of interest, geographically; but, are there still places that remain unexplored (I am sure there are, and we don't know)?

What places should be further explored and what could the exploration lead to?

I know that one of the best explorations, (I think by National Geographic and NSF), was the study of the Vietnam cave, one of the largest cave systems in the world.


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  • Nov 11 2013: A person has been sent to earth to learn things at their best,and offcourse till he dies.same came is with the places,obviously there are still some undiscovered places about which man has not even thought of.Because God is great ,God can turn ashes into gardens.
    • Nov 12 2013: "God can turn ashes into gardens"-Asra
      I can do that, give God the hard ones like turning violence into love or compassion. Or something useful like turning all the oil into milk, then we would truly be the land of milk and honey provided we stop killing all the bees with pesticides. We need to use our pesticides on the real pests... Corporations!

      No liability is the #1 killer on the planet by far. Why would any sane person believe we can continually run any business which is not responsible for the damage they do to society?? Yet it is exactly the model for all our businesses, governments, military, police, prisons, cities and countries.

      To put it simply, no liability is a recipe for disaster in any language.
      Until we change that, humans will continue to put a gun to our own heads and pull the trigger. What is the matter with the simple principle of "if you break it, fix it"?

      I know this sounds a little off the subject but it really is not. The subject is "places that have been unexplored?" and I submit to you that "sanity" is absolutely one of those unexplored places that we desperately need to explore!

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