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Are there still places that have been unexplored? Still to explore?

I know that we have used Google Maps and other satellite maps to help locate "new" places of interest, geographically; but, are there still places that remain unexplored (I am sure there are, and we don't know)?

What places should be further explored and what could the exploration lead to?

I know that one of the best explorations, (I think by National Geographic and NSF), was the study of the Vietnam cave, one of the largest cave systems in the world.


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  • Nov 1 2013: Geo: anything under the surface (earth, water). I've read Cameron is doing exploring/filming in the Marianne's trench.
    Space: good-old Mars, orbit-space-Moon tourism (I think it's already planned or started), closest human body to the sun.
    Geo+social: percentage of society with means of geographical mobility.
    Geo+science: speed/rhythm of "nature", i.e. new land formation in estuaries.
    Geo+science: walk-through matter (i.e. walls)
    Geo+science: if we can trigger earthquakes by drilling in specific techtonic plates areas, are they planned/announced? How can the population tell between man-made earthquakes and "natural" ones? What other natural phenomenons can we also trigger?
    Medical: body growth/restauration following amputation.
    Social: re-vitalising "age pioneers", the work-pension life-plan, real-utopian exercises (i.e. how long does it take a poor person to get out of poverty)
    "Superior"-society + communication: comm from those few at the "source" of money: how are the source numbers being established? Do they know how many people are actually out there, or they just come up with a "meaningful" number and everybody else has to "fit" their lives within that/those numbers?
    Visible leadership+communication: an all-encompassing message from territory leaders that can be beyong "story-sailing", "vocabulary-flow", and the classic "using all of you in ways you can't comprehend for a purpose you don't need to know about"... that an audience can engage their minds into "for the right reasons".
    Society - war/peace: there was a talk more than a year ago, about a day of peace planned for 21-Sept-2012. I haven't heard of a single no-war day yet. (planet, that includes extremists&rebels, not just armies)

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