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Are there still places that have been unexplored? Still to explore?

I know that we have used Google Maps and other satellite maps to help locate "new" places of interest, geographically; but, are there still places that remain unexplored (I am sure there are, and we don't know)?

What places should be further explored and what could the exploration lead to?

I know that one of the best explorations, (I think by National Geographic and NSF), was the study of the Vietnam cave, one of the largest cave systems in the world.


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  • Nov 1 2013: There are plenty of unexplored caves, unclimbed mountains, and various islands where no human foot as ever paced. The caves are often uncharted, though the islands and mountains are all fully mapped from either the air or space, even if no one's ever physically been there.
    There's also the bottom of the ocean. I'm not entirely sure how well mapped it is, but you can be sure most of it is untouched by human hands (expect perhaps for the occasional piece of sinking debris from a ship) due to the difficulties of getting there.

    People seem to fail to comprehend just how enormous the earth is. All the "record breaking" places like Everest or the ocean's deepest point have been visited, but run of the mill places that are simply difficult to reach or very numerous, not so much.

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