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Precisely what you can do to save the rainforest.

To introduce myself, I am a biologist and film-maker. During a year spent working in Peru's remote Amazon I created a wildlife documentary to promote the continued protection of one of the worlds richest forests.

The Tambopata region in which I was working is a huge conservation success story. Eco-lodges sited along the Tambopata river provide an alternate source of income for the local economy that doesn't damage the rainforest as does logging, gold mining and other major economic powers in the area. Costa rica has also done this very successfully and I believe other countries should follow suit. Rainforest's can be a significant economic resource without being exploited.

If you have some spare time, I ask that you watch my film, appreciate the beauty of the rainforest and if you can, visit. Please send and share it with anyone you think may be interested or like to go.

There are many areas close to the Tambopata that are not yet afforded legal protection, the lower Las Piedras river would be one of them. The diversity is astounding there and you can help promote conservation in the area by visiting one of the two lodges along that river.

Feel free to message me for more information.



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