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Can we be happy without being free ?

Is happiness connected to freedom ? can a slave be happy ? can a dictator be happy ? what do you have to do on yourself to be happy (if this is possible) ?


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    Nov 1 2013: We can never be completely happy. I think it depends on the individual. Most people react similaryl to a situation, but there are a few people (and I mean few as in millions) that have a higher tolerance for more painful things. Take your dictator example: If in order for him to achieve an especific goal, he has two start a war that will eventually kill many people he would do it. This would not, disrupt his ability to feel "happy" at times. A slave who has been born a slave and that is the only way of life he knows he will be able to feel some happiness. In your question is happiness connected to freedom, maybe for a person who has been "free" all their lives and are turned into slaves this will be the case. I think to be happy we have to feel that we are doing something important in our life time, we have to feel like we are experiencing different things in life, and that we are leaving a mark in the world. Anyway, that is just my opinion.

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