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What is not relative in this world? Is there something at all?

As far as I know everything around us is relative in nature. When we say that a car is moving, according to a person sitting in the car, the world is moving. So is there something at all that is not relative? And please don't include the speed of light which would be same. I am talking about something which is fixed that is, same from whichever angle you may look at it.


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    Oct 30 2013: How about death?
    • Oct 31 2013: Death is also relative with time.
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        Nov 1 2013: Can you elaborate for me?
        • Nov 1 2013: It will be my pleasure to explain it.
          Let see, there are some average years of life of any species. Consider for Human. Since birth we make the plan for our life what you want in life with respect to time. You make it by considering that you will be able to get it. During the plan everyone consider his/her capabilities because with time passes capabilities decrease, this gives the first sign of Death. Doctors give some approximate value of time within that period Particular person will die.

          So Simple word, It is point of view how you see. But if you see with respect to time, Approximately Everything is relative.
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        Nov 4 2013: Thank you for your polite elaboration. I think what you told me is more about LIFE, but not death.
        When somebody is born to the world , he is definitely doomed to die one day. This is absolute no matter when it happens.And after death, time means zip to the dead people and all will disappear at last. No surroundings could connect with the dead people.
        • Nov 4 2013: Dear Yoka Feng,
          My answer may be some spiritual or contribution of Science, I will try to elaborate more with help of science compare than spiritual science.
          As Science say, Everything in this world formed by energy. we all of us read principle of energy conversation. According to this energy neither can generated nor destroy only change one form to another form.
          I have same point about death/life. I think there is no difference life and death. life started with some energy and after some time energy converted to other form (death). After death, energy of life (soul) get another body. we don't know. because we have not great scientific instrument to realize that energy,

          I think you have better view about death, If yes, please let me know.
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        Nov 4 2013: Dear Ashish Kumar,

        I agree with you that energy should be converted from one to another after people's death. But death is a concept related to humans not energy. After all, the people are dead, but maybe the energy wouldn't disappear. You can't find another same living person with the same experiences as the dead person, right?

        I'm very glad to hear your different voice on this.
        • Nov 4 2013: Dear Yaka Feng,

          Could you like to elaborate death? What is the definition of death according to you ?
          Yes I can't find same living person with same experience.
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        Nov 4 2013: With pleasure. "Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.' From the wikipidia.
        • Nov 4 2013: "all biological functions that sustain a living organism" require energy(specific form). In death energy converted one form to another form for specific task or function. That's why we can't see the same experience.
          So Human die for specific task or purpose. We have given some specific name of the event or cycle to understand easily.
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        Nov 4 2013: Yes, I know what you mean. The spirit and the energy of the person MIGHT remain in this world in other forms(you may imagine whatever as you like) , but the exact person never comes back. It's his death and absolute to everything in our world. It's not what we can't see, it's the fact .

        Thank you for sharing your opinion with me.
        • Nov 4 2013: Thank you Yoka Feng
          I am grateful to discuss with you. If you don't mind, would you like to tell me about you,with whom I discussed. As i see no real pics of you. I think you love your cat.

          It will be my pleasure to know about great personality. you can send me personal email.
          thank you again and wish you Very Happy Diwali :)

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