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What is not relative in this world? Is there something at all?

As far as I know everything around us is relative in nature. When we say that a car is moving, according to a person sitting in the car, the world is moving. So is there something at all that is not relative? And please don't include the speed of light which would be same. I am talking about something which is fixed that is, same from whichever angle you may look at it.

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    Nov 3 2013: On a molecular level, things are not very relative. H20 is a water molecule. DNA is DNA, and vitamin C has the same chemical form everywhere... (If you get in to mirror-versions, then you might discuss if it's the same or similar).

    On a biological level, it might get harder to find, though photosynthesis or the formation of bone tissue has fixed processes.
    Even the need of food and having forms of metabolism is quite universal for vertebrates.

    The number of sexes needed to reproduce rarely exceeds 2.

    The whole of how evolution happened produced some absolutes: birds and dinosaurs shared a common ancestor, as did humans and hedgehogs. And apple trees will not produce banana's though they share a common ancestor.

    Naked humans tend to die if exposed to temperatures above 1000°C

    Inventions that have been made are indeed invented, same goes for discoveries. As a matter of fact, I can assume that there is only one past, and that it will not alter (our perception of it might).

    I could go on to give examples, but maybe you can start to refute some of these so i can understand how you would call them relative first.
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    Oct 30 2013: The Relativity is Absolute .
  • Oct 30 2013: I see three different understandings of relativism emerging in the discussion. One seems to be using the idea in terms of the interconnectedness of all things (the universe is an ecological and rational system in which all things have a relative place); the second refers to the moral concept of relativism (what is moral is relative to the needs or circumstances f the moment); and the third says that facts are relative only to themselves (some things exist regardless of our knowledge or experience of them). These are all excellent points. I tend to agree with them all. There are facts which are relevant only to themselves, though the things the facts describe are relevant to the rest of existence; and because humans create meaning around all their experiences, including their experience of morality, then every moral code is by its nature as a human creation, relativistic.
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    Oct 30 2013: Hi Anwesh !

    Relative means, which is bound to be affected in proportion to something else and this 'something else' may be more than one, i mean, one thing may be relative to many other things. By observing a relative thing, we also can conclude, it is always mutable. Therefor relative means which is mutable or revulsive. Universe is not constant and is always transforming. Everything, which is relative, changes.

    One more thing is also important to mention here. When two things are relative inside a particular domain; that particular domain is always non relative with both of them. However, that domain is also relative to other domain and affect each other withing other bigger domain (which is also non relative for smaller domains).

    But, Ultimately, the one (the ultimate domain) must be absolute, not affected, unchangeable and non relative; otherwise change is not possible inside. I have to give a mundane example or otherwise its impossible to understand and explain. When you see movie. The screen can be consider as a bigger domain whereas scenes are smaller domain, relative domains. Screen never changes and is not relative to the scenes. When the scenes stops, projector stops, suddenly the absolute screen is there.

    Another example is a wheel along with axle. Axle remain absolute and never moves but wheel. The movement of axle from one location to another is because of wheel. Axle moves in relative to us, but not to wheel. The movement of axle and wheel happening in same domain. If an ant travel from circumference of the wheel to the axle, it will always take same time whether wheel is moving or not.

    Even Time is relative to a non relative domain (timeless). Time is happening in a particular domain, but there is an absolute 'thing' which is unrelated and eternal.

    You too have something non relative 'absolute thing' inside you, which never changes, always unaffected. That's why you never feel any change from inside even with aging. :)
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    Oct 30 2013: How about death?
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      Oct 31 2013: Death is also relative with time.
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        Nov 1 2013: Can you elaborate for me?
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          Nov 1 2013: It will be my pleasure to explain it.
          Let see, there are some average years of life of any species. Consider for Human. Since birth we make the plan for our life what you want in life with respect to time. You make it by considering that you will be able to get it. During the plan everyone consider his/her capabilities because with time passes capabilities decrease, this gives the first sign of Death. Doctors give some approximate value of time within that period Particular person will die.

          So Simple word, It is point of view how you see. But if you see with respect to time, Approximately Everything is relative.
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        Nov 4 2013: Thank you for your polite elaboration. I think what you told me is more about LIFE, but not death.
        When somebody is born to the world , he is definitely doomed to die one day. This is absolute no matter when it happens.And after death, time means zip to the dead people and all will disappear at last. No surroundings could connect with the dead people.
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          Nov 4 2013: Dear Yoka Feng,
          My answer may be some spiritual or contribution of Science, I will try to elaborate more with help of science compare than spiritual science.
          As Science say, Everything in this world formed by energy. we all of us read principle of energy conversation. According to this energy neither can generated nor destroy only change one form to another form.
          I have same point about death/life. I think there is no difference life and death. life started with some energy and after some time energy converted to other form (death). After death, energy of life (soul) get another body. we don't know. because we have not great scientific instrument to realize that energy,

          I think you have better view about death, If yes, please let me know.
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        Nov 4 2013: Dear Ashish Kumar,

        I agree with you that energy should be converted from one to another after people's death. But death is a concept related to humans not energy. After all, the people are dead, but maybe the energy wouldn't disappear. You can't find another same living person with the same experiences as the dead person, right?

        I'm very glad to hear your different voice on this.
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          Nov 4 2013: Dear Yaka Feng,

          Could you like to elaborate death? What is the definition of death according to you ?
          Yes I can't find same living person with same experience.
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        Nov 4 2013: With pleasure. "Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.' From the wikipidia.
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          Nov 4 2013: "all biological functions that sustain a living organism" require energy(specific form). In death energy converted one form to another form for specific task or function. That's why we can't see the same experience.
          So Human die for specific task or purpose. We have given some specific name of the event or cycle to understand easily.
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        Nov 4 2013: Yes, I know what you mean. The spirit and the energy of the person MIGHT remain in this world in other forms(you may imagine whatever as you like) , but the exact person never comes back. It's his death and absolute to everything in our world. It's not what we can't see, it's the fact .

        Thank you for sharing your opinion with me.
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          Nov 4 2013: Thank you Yoka Feng
          I am grateful to discuss with you. If you don't mind, would you like to tell me about you,with whom I discussed. As i see no real pics of you. I think you love your cat.

          It will be my pleasure to know about great personality. you can send me personal email.
          thank you again and wish you Very Happy Diwali :)
  • MR T

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    Oct 29 2013: I used to be a film believer in relativism, however lately, the more I think upon logical arguments, the more they seem to require two or more parties accepting the existence of facts in order for them to be productive.

    Relativism as a philosophical standpoint, I argue is opposed to facts.

    For example: if I wave right now, relative to you I didn't, as you couldn't see me. But in reality I did. At the end of the day, reality is what matters, as people share common goals.
  • Oct 29 2013: As far as physical objects go, none that I'm aware of.
    There are things without a physical presence I suppose, but the jury is still out on whether those exist or not (computer programs and things like thoughts and ideas don't count, they have a physical presence on computer circuitry and the human brain).

    You do have some physical constants that are universal and not at all relative (as far as we know anyway), but you asked not to give those types of examples.
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    Oct 29 2013: Great question, in fact, one which I have been asking myself a lot lately. I dislike the whole concept of relativism, especially if it concers morality, but, to my surprise, each day I discover more and more that the world is indeed relative, or if not relative then at best elusive (which boils down to one and the same). There is not even one thing which is fixed. If one system works in one place it fails in another. Even our identity undergoes constant changes, and the people we were when we were young seem strange to us couple of decades later.

    What is not relative then? I would venture to say God and his unconditional love but I am sure there will be thousands of voices, not only saying He is not, but even doubting His existence :)
  • Nov 14 2013: If we say that everything is relative, then that would me that this truth is non relative. The only Bsolute truth is that nothing is absolutely true. It's a kind of paradox/circular reasoning.
  • Nov 1 2013: everything is relative - either to the objects or the society we are in.
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    Oct 31 2013: my faith that i am real it's absolute ...
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      Oct 31 2013: and still, you might be wrong ;-)
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        Oct 31 2013: my faith makes me think you're real did this reply to me ,and from my faith again i must responds to you only ,i am sure :)
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    Oct 31 2013: Everything is relative with respect to parameter(decide by the user). How you see.
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      Nov 2 2013: when the man say something he can't delete it like never been in the human and ethical norms,the say is a behavior we must be responsible at what we said Mr.Ashish ;you must respect yourself by respecting your words and not deleting them for this peoples respect you in back Mr.Ashish ;if we disagreed with someone something dosen't mean we're sure that is a wrong thing without a scientific debate with this person ;give me the opportunities to prove myself like human you'll find yourself honouring by your solicitude Mr.Ashish...............................
      -from everything is relative can we say that ,the relativity is absolute ?
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        Nov 3 2013: Dear Riadh
        I am 100% agree with your word I have to respect to myself what I have said. And I do. But in Public or on Internet, I have no right to say about other faith. I don't know how people response in debate about faith or religion. I scare.
        When I was writing response on your comment, first word I said sorry. In your reply i realize that I did some wrong. So I had deleted. By the way
        I am again Sorry really sorry if you feel disrespect on my behalf. I have no such wishes to disrespect to you.

        Hope You will consider my point. and Pardon me, If i did something wrong.

        Can you elaborate relativity is absolute.
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          Nov 3 2013: i am sorry and i thank you for your beautiful way to prove that we're just a mistaken creature but the best at all and we're absolute by our existence in this world ,i think i can debate the relativity like absolute from my modest knowledge as follows :
          -it's easy i think an eagle-eyed to the everything is relative which mean the relativity is absolute :)
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        Nov 4 2013: Dear Riadh
        Thank you for accept my apology. I am wishing you and all other Very happy Diwali with my wishes
        May the Festival of lights
        Brighten up your life
        With success, happiness and prosperity!
        Happy Diwali :)

        Yes I am agree with your point.
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          Nov 4 2013: with pleasure Mr.Ashish ,wish you lovely holiday full success and happiness for you and your beloved ,and for the light will reign our world :)
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    Oct 31 2013: ha, sex, greed, wealth, poverty, morals, power, right, wrong ....

    Hey, I'm an American, what did you expect, anything other than logical positivism?
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    Oct 30 2013: Life is movement; and movement is always relative to something - so I guess not.
  • Da Way

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    Oct 30 2013: How about existence itself? Something either exist or it doesn't, I can't imagine a 'relatively existing' state...
    • Nov 1 2013: Let me give you a relatively existing situation. Suppose a law is passed that a person missing for 3 days or more will be declared dead. You were on a trip with your friends when your feet suddenly slipped and you fell in a valley with some injuries so serious you couldn't possibly climb out. A monkey also lived in the valley.
      Now after the first day itself your friends report at police station and you are declared missing. Now, 3 days have passed a d you still are lying injured in the valley. The police therefore declare you dead. Now you are in a relatively exiating situation.
      While police thinks you are dead, relative to monkey, you are alive.
      Another example would be Shroehringer's Cat. Google it.
      • Da Way

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        Nov 1 2013: Not convinced. The first scenario you are in existence. The police's declaration is false due to lack of information. No relatives there.

        Second scenario the cat is used as an dilemma to explain how someone else's theory is incorrect. Again, no relativity there.

        Also my point is any existence, not all existence. Providing you can prove one existence (which is easily done), it answers the original question.
  • Oct 30 2013: Every thing is relative.because every body is an individual yet every thing is connected because empty space is not really empty.we are all part of the same universe yet experience it in our own way which may or may not be similar to another's really is all relative....maybe.
  • Oct 30 2013: We often have ethics and beliefs that are not obviously relative.
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    Oct 30 2013: you are not relative to yourself
    • Oct 30 2013: Why not?
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        Oct 30 2013: Because you obviously don't move relative to yourself, unless you happen to own 2 bodies.
        • Nov 1 2013: Nice try Herald but if we go on limb level, then your diff. body parts work relative to each other i.e. when you walk, your arms and legs move constantly but your upperbody remains const.
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        Nov 1 2013: Anwesh I didn't talk about different body parts to each other but you (or any other object) as an entity to yourself.
        • Nov 1 2013: Is because of our single mind.What about someone with multiple personalities.