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What is not relative in this world? Is there something at all?

As far as I know everything around us is relative in nature. When we say that a car is moving, according to a person sitting in the car, the world is moving. So is there something at all that is not relative? And please don't include the speed of light which would be same. I am talking about something which is fixed that is, same from whichever angle you may look at it.


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    Nov 3 2013: On a molecular level, things are not very relative. H20 is a water molecule. DNA is DNA, and vitamin C has the same chemical form everywhere... (If you get in to mirror-versions, then you might discuss if it's the same or similar).

    On a biological level, it might get harder to find, though photosynthesis or the formation of bone tissue has fixed processes.
    Even the need of food and having forms of metabolism is quite universal for vertebrates.

    The number of sexes needed to reproduce rarely exceeds 2.

    The whole of how evolution happened produced some absolutes: birds and dinosaurs shared a common ancestor, as did humans and hedgehogs. And apple trees will not produce banana's though they share a common ancestor.

    Naked humans tend to die if exposed to temperatures above 1000°C

    Inventions that have been made are indeed invented, same goes for discoveries. As a matter of fact, I can assume that there is only one past, and that it will not alter (our perception of it might).

    I could go on to give examples, but maybe you can start to refute some of these so i can understand how you would call them relative first.

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