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What is not relative in this world? Is there something at all?

As far as I know everything around us is relative in nature. When we say that a car is moving, according to a person sitting in the car, the world is moving. So is there something at all that is not relative? And please don't include the speed of light which would be same. I am talking about something which is fixed that is, same from whichever angle you may look at it.


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  • Oct 31 2013: Everything is relative with respect to parameter(decide by the user). How you see.
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      Nov 2 2013: when the man say something he can't delete it like never been in the human and ethical norms,the say is a behavior we must be responsible at what we said Mr.Ashish ;you must respect yourself by respecting your words and not deleting them for this peoples respect you in back Mr.Ashish ;if we disagreed with someone something dosen't mean we're sure that is a wrong thing without a scientific debate with this person ;give me the opportunities to prove myself like human you'll find yourself honouring by your solicitude Mr.Ashish...............................
      -from everything is relative can we say that ,the relativity is absolute ?
      • Nov 3 2013: Dear Riadh
        I am 100% agree with your word I have to respect to myself what I have said. And I do. But in Public or on Internet, I have no right to say about other faith. I don't know how people response in debate about faith or religion. I scare.
        When I was writing response on your comment, first word I said sorry. In your reply i realize that I did some wrong. So I had deleted. By the way
        I am again Sorry really sorry if you feel disrespect on my behalf. I have no such wishes to disrespect to you.

        Hope You will consider my point. and Pardon me, If i did something wrong.

        Can you elaborate relativity is absolute.
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          Nov 3 2013: i am sorry and i thank you for your beautiful way to prove that we're just a mistaken creature but the best at all and we're absolute by our existence in this world ,i think i can debate the relativity like absolute from my modest knowledge as follows :
          -it's easy i think an eagle-eyed to the everything is relative which mean the relativity is absolute :)
      • Nov 4 2013: Dear Riadh
        Thank you for accept my apology. I am wishing you and all other Very happy Diwali with my wishes
        May the Festival of lights
        Brighten up your life
        With success, happiness and prosperity!
        Happy Diwali :)

        Yes I am agree with your point.
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          Nov 4 2013: with pleasure Mr.Ashish ,wish you lovely holiday full success and happiness for you and your beloved ,and for the light will reign our world :)

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