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Controversy about law firm memo to female employees

The international law fir Clifford Chance sent a memo out to female employees with suggestions for a more professional impression. This included: Don't giggle: don't take your purse to the podium; wear a suit not your party outfit; No one heard Hilary the day she showed cleavage.

This has been viewed as a insult to women. Perhaps if that is the way you wish to view it ... or could it be reminders from older more experienced members of the firm.

Perhaps there were some instances that inspired the memo ... and maybe it was just written by a sexist pig.

Would it be better to address all issues personally and make them a matter of record ... Three strikes your out ... Or is the memo a good idea?


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  • Oct 31 2013: They strive for conformity.......Centrally planned conformity......Corporately speaking :-)

    We are terribly repressed, are we not?

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